Sunday, October 31, 2004

Paul Summers is a liar

Well, this should come as no surprise to anyone that has followed his bullshit for the past 20 years.

But this morning on Radio Station KWTO, he told a whopper that is even bizzare for him.

He is a person who hates gays, probably because he has some personal guilt of his own .. like many gay bashers do. And he hates democrats and loves repuglies ... just for purposes of personal power.

But this morning he crossed the line when he said that John Asscroft was kept away from the George Bush campaign because he is not allowed, as The US Attorney General, by law from doing so.

Lie ... Freaking liar ...

Asscroft is a political appointee ... Asscroft has his freedom of Speech (even if he would deny it to others), Asscroft is an idiot.

Every other cabinet officer has appeared with SimpleGeorge. Rove wants to keep Asscroft as far away from public memory as possible. Asscroft is as dangerous as Assama. .. and Karl Rove knows it ...

Buy me a $8000 drape to put over Asscrofts face.

He's probably still a slimeball

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Al Goldstein, former publisher of Screw Magazine and producer of porn films featuring the skankiest women imaginable, women that made the Hustler centerfold look like the All-American girl, and men noted for Lone Ranger masks and black socks held up by garters, has taken up residence at a homeless shelter.

He came before Pam Anderson, Mimi McPhearson, and Paris Hilton made porn respectable.

Read the story somewhere on this page.

It was a step down from his previous employment as a greeter at a local deli. Walmart must not have been hiring.

Poor Al. Let's all chip into the fund to buy him a grocery cart.

He does have a pal. Gary Null, flake/healer/swindler extraordinaire of PBS fame says he will be his friend and teach him to be a "healer".

Physician, heal thyself.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

He's still a genius

Yeah, he is also crazy as Kathyrn Harris (R-CruellaDeVille) riding her broomstick into a tree. But Hunter S. Thompson, who now prefers to always use the Dr. demotation in front of his name, is one of the great observers of my lifetime. When he is away from a bottle of Jack Daniels and a .44 magnum you are probably safe around him, although I would hate to be his housecat.

What a piece of writing this is.

There is angst in the heart of Texas today, and panic in the bowels of the White House. Rove has a nasty little problem, and its name is George Bush. The president failed miserably from the instant he got onstage with John Kerry. He looked weak and dumb. Kerry beat him like a gong in Coral Gables, then again in St Louis and Tempe. That is Rove's problem. His candidate is a weak-minded frat boy who cracks under pressure in front of 60 million voters.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Videos of missing explosives exist


See the video and reporter's story here.

How many White House lies and lies from the media mouthpieces will it take???

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Voted top film villain in 2004

See it here.

Bush fans decide that Kerry's Swift Boat won't sink

A group known as YesBushCan, which traveled the country in a campaign bus has given up on the BoyChimp. They appeared at many rallies, get out the vote drives, handled the signing of loyalty oaths at Bush/Unca' Dick-Dick rallies.

Read their reasons here.

Last week, the group officially split with Bush. "In the course of our travels, we ended up learning more about Bush's policies than he wanted us to know," said Harmon Spellmeyer, one of the Yes, Bush Can team. "We came to see that this administration is a catastrophe for most people."

Win Arkansas Win the Election

Arkansas, with it's lowly 6 electoral votes, is my guess to be the key to the election.

Bush wins Arkansas and he has 274 electoral votes. Kerry wins Arkansas and he has 271 electoral votes.

The Big Dog needs to get his butt to Little Rock ASAP.

Monday, October 25, 2004

It's becomming clear -- Bush is going down

President Bush's campaign in Florida, which handed him victory in 2000, took a blow yesterday when two of the state's newspapers failed to endorse his candidacy. The Orlando Sentinel, which has not endorsed a Democrat for president since Lyndon Johnson, opted for John Kerry. "This president has utterly failed to fulfil our expectations," an editorial said. "We turn now to his Democratic challenger, Senator John Kerry, with the belief that he is more likely to meet the hopes we once held for Mr Bush."

Another Florida newspaper, the Tampa Tribune, chose not to endorse either candidate. It is the first time since 1952 that the paper has not backed the Republican candidate for the presidency.

Another major screw-up

It's getting hard to keep up with the SNAFU's by our politicians and military in Iraq.

The IAEA announced this morning that 350 TONS of conventional explosives have disappeared from an Iraqui Army dump since the US took control of it.

Want to guess where it will reappear??

The Green Zone?



Friday, October 22, 2004

Election eve attack by Al Pieda

Gawd -- I wish I had thought of this title -- but I didn't. Meet Mr. Internet Anon

Ann Coulter (R-IAmActuallyAMan) took two pies to the shoulder last night by some U of Arizona students. Apparently Creme Custard -- how appropriate.

It was not immediately reported whether or not she was able to lick the mess off her shoulder by herself or not.

See some Coulterisms here.

She of course, is dumber than a garbage truck on the freeway at 5 PM, dumber in fact, than the Creme Custard pies that did her in, and she has no class. But you knew that didn't you? For a guy with real class I think of the Merry Prankster, Dick Tuck, who was interviewed today on Morning Edition on occasion of his 80th birthday.

The bad news for Bush is that he is working for Kerry. The bad news for Kerry is he is still wearing his trademarked, sports coat, bermuda shorts, black knee-length nylon socks, bow tie and yellow tinted glasses.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

A really bad idea

My Libertarian pal Tom Knapp has a well done blog here.

I have carried on a conversation with him about Lib ideas for years. Sometimes I didn't get drunk afterward.

Tom gave up his love of Ayn Rand years ago when we all pointed out to him that first; she was not a very nice person, and second; most of us gave her lunacy up when we were sophomores in High School.

But he has stayed consistent with some nuttiness over all the years. One area, where he hasn't changed a bit is the uniquely Libertarian definition of a "free market" -- which boils down to anybody can do anything they want to at anytime and if all their neighbors are harmed -- screw 'em. It's the law of the jungle out there. In Tom's jungle he has yet to make it to King status, but you can hear his footsteps in the distance clearer than hearing an elephant in a cornfield.

Today he makes an attempt to justify the sale of human organs, as best I can figure, solely because everybody agrees to it equally.

Well, not exactly. There are all sorts of inequalities in this particularly slimy side of rich against poor, which is what it it amounts to....

I don't have much problem to the charges for organ/tissue donations after death. And I know that there are costs incurred with processing, storing, transporting, surgery, and all else that is involved. But, in the case of blood, the American Red Cross has had income in excess of costs in its blood program in the hundreds of millions of dollars for as long as I can remember. This is not recovery of costs, but profiteering on other peoples donations and needs.

Perhaps Knapp only meant donations of organs after death. But that ain't what's happening in the real world, using his "free market" idea. Right at this moment there are websites and brokers and recruiters in Rio de Janeiro, recruiting healthy donors from the slums of Rio to go to Europe and sell a kidney to a wealthy (typically) person in need of a kidney. Thousands of them ...

They are paid about $6000 American, returned as soon as possible and there is not any health follow-up. It is becoming a major health issue for Brazil, because they typically are unable to work at the lowest level jobs, and have many future health issues. Were they informed that they would become semi-invalids? Not on your life. Was it a "free market"? Only if the sky is green where you live.

"Free market" for medical care is an experiment that has been tried and fails.

The Libertarian "free market" makes one either a winner or a loser. The winners manipulate the playing field, like Enron, the FCC, and the pharmaceutical/insurance industries. The losers pay the freight. And for the winners to be winners there must be far more losers.

Breslin on O'Reilly

OK ... this title is a really chilling thought. But you can read it here.

[O'Reilly] has other problems, but they are the usual for these far-right conservative writers and commentators. As a group they are prone to being perverts. Some are trying to say that O'Reilly goes with the territory.

You can see how these conservative writers and commentators are devoted to and influenced by George Bush. After three debates, there can be no doubt that Bush is the dumbest president of our time. He cannot speak English. He says he is a leader. Of what? A leader leads a nation with the force of his words. This guy doesn't have the vocabulary or the plain class to do anything but get cheers from pathetic dolts. There were 10 soldiers dead in Iraq on Wednesday night and Bush smirked and chuckled and outright laughed during a debate that was supposed to be about the troubles of a nation. He disgraces the nation.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Want to play a fun new version of Bingo at O'Reilly's expense??

Just go here.

Friday, October 15, 2004

The Point of Cheney's Daughter

First of all, Cheney's daughter is an adult... capable of making her own choices ... not a thirteen-year-old gawky girl called the "White House Dog" by Brush Dustball on a radio program.

Second, Cheney himself would deny his own daughter the rights enjoyed by all other Americans, the right to inheritance, the right to a family that should be left alone by the laws, for gawds sake, the right of her long-time partner to visit her on her deathbed in a hospital!!!

It's call the "Defense of Marriage" Admendment to the constitution to the United States. Actually, for the first time in history it would constitutionally deny rights to the citizens of the US.

Was it right for Kerry to bring up the hypocrasy of Bush?? ... damn right it was ...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A good blog

My old pal, Tom Knapp, has a blog here.

I look at it every day ... often in amazement, although he is a good writer, even for a Lib. The only other one I read religiously is Ron Davis ... who is just a genius. I hate him for that... he makes me look so stuppppiddd.

But Tom finally gets around to talking about the arrest of the Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Michael Badnaric, last Friday in St Louis, by some St. Louis thugs in blue.

Badnaric and the Green Party candidate were attempting to serve a summons on the organizers of the joint appearance to show cause why they were excluded from a publically funded event.

The question in my mind is, "did those cops commit the crime of obstruction of justice?"

You don't have to be licensed, or anything to serve a summons to court in Missouri. You only have to swear that you delivered it to the proper party, and even then that person has the opportunity to quash the summons in a court proceeding.

I don't see cops running around trying to prevent court orders from being served in other circumstances.

But considering that I have just heard of a company hired by the Republican National Committee to register new voters in Las Vegas, and then destroying all registrations from Democratic voters... no dirty tricks to this year's election will surprise me.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Got woodie???

Got a woodie3 over Bush? If you are one of the freeps that reads this blog ... I bet you do.

George has got some woodie too. After Kerry set his sorry butt up so bad Friday night.

Within 1 hour of the debate -- er .. joint appearance ... ending this web site appeared.

I am just ROTFLMAO.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Drudge's lowest moment

Last night on his radio show the lowest possible moment was reached in a career that has plumbed new depths of lowness.

Drudge was interviewing neo-con sex symbol, Ann Coulter, (R- I'mactuallyaman -- check out the Adam's Apple), on the subject of stem cell research. Sludge said something like, he didn't care if Christopher Reeve ever walked, if they had to murder a baby to make it happen.

Christopher Reeve, age 52, died last night, after one of the most courageous struggles I have ever seen.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Prediction for today

Erstwhile pResident George Bush will discover today the meaning of the "Perfect Storm".

John Kerry must have read the psychological examination of the boy-chimp, because he laid the perfect trap for him last night, and he fell into it so far he could describe the bottom of Mt St. Helens.

Right in the middle of a boring exchange, kerry dropped his bomb, noted that Bush made $84 last year from a timber company, and that that makes him a small business along with all the other people who may have gotten money. Bush had absoutely no idea of what he was talking about, and smirked, "Wanna' buy some wood?"

Kerry has some wood, and will use it today. He must have found some obscure fact in Bush's Alice in Wonderland financial misdealings, that show that even Bush doesn't have any idea of what he does.

Now the trap has been sprung, Bush is caught in it right up to his nether regions. Let the games begin.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Testimony of Robert Baratz

This is testimony given to a Senate subcommittee several years ago by Robert Baratz, MD, PhD, DDS, and President of the National Council Against Healthfraud. You can see it here.

Anyone who is dismayed at the sorry state of "alternative medicine", or hope and a prayer medicine (sometimes literally true), should read it.

"In recent years there has been a movement to undo the requirement that evidence be the only standard by which medical care is judged and governed. This movement has been proposed and advanced principally by those who wish to profit from being freed from the requirements of evidence. It has also been promoted by others who claim that anything should be allowed, whether it has a rational basis or not, and that "freedom in health care" or "health freedom" is some kind of right, and an innate principle under which charlatans, quacks, and unscientific and unqualified practitioners can operate. These advocates want a system where "anything goes" without any safeguards for either safety or effectiveness, let alone the truth. To make things a bit worse, this movement has been joined by pseudoscientific zealots, and has been embraced by a growing number of profiteers."

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Freeps want Michael Moore jailed

Over an underwear deal gone sour.

Read part of the story here.

"My crime? Clean underwear for anyone who will vote in the upcoming election."

"I then close by having them repeat the 2004 Slacker Oath: "Pick nose! Pick butt! Pick Kerry."

"If they promise me that they'll do this, I give the guys a 3-pack of new Fruit of the Loom underwear, and the women get a day's supply of Ramen noodles, the sustenance of slackers everywhere"

"My friends, they will not catch me. Though I may be on the run, and I may never be able to return home to my beloved Michigan, I make this solemn vow to you and yours: The slackers of America shall not be denied their noodles, they will proudly wear their clean underwear as free Americans, and they will vote Bush out of office come November 2nd (though they will not show up to the polls until well after noon)!"

If Martha goes -- can the Pigman be far behind??

Rush Limba (R-I'manazi) is one step closer to a jail cell today.


An appeals court turned down his frivilous, delaying tactic of trying to quash a search warrant to find out if he committed felonies in Florida.

Good, again.

Limba is a strung-out street junkie, who normally would be stealing TV sets to support his habit, rather than being the "smartest man in America".

Normally, I might have sympathy for a junkie -- but not in this case. This is a hypocrite junkie, undeserving of getting a break from anyone. He after all is the one who has said that all junkies like himself should be put in jail. OK, fat-boy, time to pay-up.

The smartest man in America should spend his time sharing a cell with a 350 pound former bar bouncer, named Bruiser, who hates whities.... particularly rich, fat-cat, dissin', loudmouth, racist, trash, honkies.

It's going to be a race to see who puts his ass in the poorhouse first... Marta or Roy Black.

Contribute to his defense fund ... send him a can of Pork and Beans.

Molly Ivans is soooooooooo goooooood ...

See it here.

PHILADELPHIA -- We all had our debate moments, but the one that stunned me was, "It's (Iraq is) hard work.

I see it on the TV screens." Watching it on TV -- boy, that is tough work all right. And what was the "hard work" thing about? Did Rove poll and find out people think the president vacations too much?

Talk about your close elections

*Poll shows Obama has 51 point lead on Keyes*

CHICAGO Democratic candidate Barack Obama (ber-AHK' oh-BAH'-muh) is leading Republican Alan Keyes by 51 percentage points in the race for U-S Senate. A Tribune/W-G-N-T-V poll published today found that 68 percent of likely voters favored Obama for senator and just 17 percent supported Keyes.

Last month, a Tribune/W-G-N-T-V poll showed the gap was 65-to-24.The latest poll was conducted September 17th through the 20th by Market Shares Corporation. It surveyed 700 likely voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus four percentage points.Obama and Keyes are vying to replace Republican U-S Senator Peter Fitzgerald, who is retiring after one term.

Copyright 2004 Associated Press.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

NASCAR nannies and beer commercials

Imagine A J Foyt getting out of his race car, after someone had caused him to wreck and lose a race and kick the tire and say, "Oh, darn!!!" Emphatically, of course.

NASCAR, that bastion of virtue, started by bootleggers outrunning the local cops in their souped-up autos, is shocked!!! Shocked!!! I say .... Dale Earnhart Jr. said a naughty word yesterday. It starts with a "S" ends with a "T" and has an "HI (everyone)" in the middle. I have to hide the identity of the word in fear the Michael Powell (R-drunkwithpower) will come to my house and confiscate my Funk and Wagnel's.

NASCAR, raising it's righteous fist high in the air, fined Earnhart $10,000 (which is chump-change to him) and took away points which took him out of the lead for this year's championship.

Imagine, stock car racers having a mild potty-mouth. Next thing you know they will start drinking beer.

And just imagine how much bad-on-me-mouth had to do with the NASCAR dads, so beloved by the Bush campaign, going out and beating up wives, girlfriends, old ladies on the street, democrats, and in general behaving like the good-old-boys from South Pitchfork, Massabama.

I happen to like auto racing, but I also like airplane racing, boat racing, girls in the 100 meter racing and racing to the bathroom in the middle of the night ... but a stock car driver cussin"??? I am offended ... OFFENDED, I SAY !!!! The next thing you know they will sell beer along with all the other overpriced trinkets at the race track.

Thank the Secretary of State. He's the one that brought this abomination into the world.

A fun message from my pal Ron Davis

If you don't read Ron Davis's blog .. you should. Find it here.

In an exchange of email here is the fun... Ron's words in Green ..

back to both you boys:

Today in his blog, Stone describes host Billy Long as "a whore for any
freep idea that comes down the line on his radio program on radio

Man, Stoner, don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel

I am a very laid-back guy I will have you know … I never let my emotions take hold of my good, and therefore, always correct, intellectual abilities.


Stone's complaint is that Long -- a genuinely decent man,\

Sez who???

by all
accounts -- allowed someone to babble on about how wrong it is to have
"international observers" at November's U.S. elections. Here, Stone is
right: only a fool would say the 2004 presidential election shouldn't
receive extra scrutiny, after the 2000 debacle.

But c'mon, John -- Billy as a whore?


Naw … I guess I overstated that …. Billy is too tall to bend over for me … and I am 6’1” ….


Leaving aside the mental image of Long shucking his clothes and
spreading 'em for money (brrrrr),


Right you are .. that is a cold thought .. as horrible as Bohannon’s puns are … that thought is even worse …. I may have a desperate sex life … but even Billy is not a part of it….. Bohannon??? Well I’ll have to think about that for awhile. He’s richer than Billy. Could I be a trophy guy???

John Stone knows that it's show-biz
at KWTO. Smarmy show-biz, to be sure, but still there for alleged
entertainment. Anyone who listens to talk radio to become better
informed is beyond all hope; it's blather, signifying nothing. Take it
from someone who knows.


We still are lobbying to get you on Air America … which is growing like crazy …

And ... I am not kidding about that .... I knew Franken when he was doing stand-ups at the Hitchin' Post.


More freeper whining

I have a good friend.Billy Long, a local businessman, who is willing to put his livlihood on the line to be a whore for any freep idea that comes down the line on his radio program on radio KWTO.

This morning he had some guy who objected to international observations of elections in America .. read that as Florida and Ohio ... because everything went so well the last time around.

Well, no, actually Billy, they didn't go so well the last time around.

In fact, when a recount of the whole state was made, rather than the recounts of a few selected counties, Al Gore won the state. Deny it as you wish, that is a fact.

And then came the supreme court fiasco.

So, George Bush is an illegitimate President .. .no matter how you try to spin it .. he was not elected. He was appointed.

So, should international observers be present. Damn right they should. To keep elections from being stolen now and in the future.

Billy Long gives voice to the crazies from the Repugs who want to steal elections.

Shame on him

And shame on his party.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Drudge is just pathetic

Walter Winchell wanna-be Matt Drudge has gone totally bonkers, rather than just half insane like he usually gets. At least Winchell got something right once or twice.

See a page up on his site here.

Drudge said that President-elect Kerry took notes out of his pocket at the debates Thursday night. This is why he was able to whip the boy-chimp's ass so bad by making him look like a not-too-bright fool who couldn't even fill up 90 seconds with a coherent answer about the War on Iraq. Drudge says the screen captures prove it.

What's the name of something steaming, smelly, and Drudge leaves on the ground wherever he goes and rhymes with Drudge's personallity .... nit?

Mattie the liar says thats a 3 x 5 card with notes on it he's holding. Busssst ..wrong .... that's a pen he's holding.

Question of the day? How much slime does it take to squeeze Drudge through the mouth of a pop bottle? Answer. Not much, about the same amout of pressure is needed for a fourteen year old to squeeze a zit .. which also rhymes with what Drudge leaves liaring around.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Ig Nobel Prizes Awarded

You can read about the prize recipients here.

IT HAS been derided as “Sidcup Spring” and a rip-off worthy of Del Boy Trotter, but Coca-Cola has finally won the recognition that its Dasani brand of bottled water really deserves.

The £1.90 per litre filtered tapwater [clean and pure -- straight from the Thames River] last night scooped one of this year’s Ig Nobel prizes — the scientific booby awards commemorating achievements that “cannot or should not be reproduced”.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Note from Betty Bowers -- World's Best Christian

You can see it here.

Betty Bowers, World's Best Christian, has gotten a message -- addressed to her personally -- from the ever-perky Kathyrn Harris ... thats right -- former Secretary of state in Florida.

For a copy of that letter from the ever-lovely and exotic Katie, and Betty's reply to same, I offer a small sample, which did require a minor edit, to keep from sending my fundy friends from freaking out to the Baby Jesus right now.

I have prayed over your latest request for money. Just as I was about to sign a check for $1,450.00, the Lord Jesus appeared (without calling first) and told me that you are a "corrupt, two-faced c**t."

To be honest, I was rather taken aback by His choice of language. And if you could explain what He meant by the "took it up the backdoor for Jeb" comment, I would be forever in your debt, dear.

That Betty is such a card. She has been offered a position as high priestess at the Landover Baptist Church, in charge of womanly things ... like baking cookies for the next cakewalk.

Joe Conason -- Da'Man

To read it all, click here.

"Question: What about your vote on the $87 billion appropriation for the war? You said you voted for it before you voted against it. Weren’t you having it both ways?

"Kerry: You’re asking all my favorite questions tonight. But I hope you will ask the President why he repeatedly threatened to veto that same $87 billion bill. I suspect most Americans still don’t know about his veto threat.

"He told us he would veto the $87 billion if we tried to share the burden with the Iraqis by making a loan instead of a grant. He said he would veto that bill if we allocated money to provide medical care for our veterans, and for our National Guard and Reserve families. He threatened a veto unless we agreed to add that $87 billion to the deficit, rather than reduce his most profligate tax cuts."

Even as good as it was to watch the Smirk fumble his way through that replaying of the Titanic for him last night. Kerry still went easy on him ... too easy in my mind.

And what's the deal with Dubya's posture?? Did they transplant Unca' Dick-Dick's heart to his spine just so he could slouch all over the lectern? My mother would be screaming, "Stand up straight like a man!!! You are not falling off the floor in some Texas honky-tonk now!!! Watch for breaking news from Babs Bush.

Freeps asleep at switch

Who do you think won the first U.S. presidential debate?

President George W. Bush 21% 93533 votes

Sen. John Kerry 72% 315478 votes

Evenly matched 7% 29615 votes

Total: 438626 votes