Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The most loathsome person in America

Paul Wolfowitz
Crimes: The mastermind behind our war plan in Iraq, also known as “Operation Fucking Disaster.” Wanted to skip Afghanistan altogether and get right on with the intractable quagmire phase of his anti-terror plan. So far up Israel’s ass he can taste the kugel.

Smoking Gun: That disgusting thing he did with his comb in Fahrenheit 9/11.

Punishment: A successful populist democracy in Iraq.

And a close runner up is:

Tom Delay

Crimes: The worst Congressman alive. Being the most corrupt member of the House is a hell of an achievement. Delay is so brazen even lobbyists have expressed reservations. Compares the pathetic, castrated EPA to the Gestapo. A self-obsessed misanthrope in the guise of a Christian.

Smoking Gun: According to Danny Yatom, former head of Israel’s feared Mossad: "The Likud is nothing compared to this guy."

Punishment: Outed by Barney Frank.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Rhinekrisp and the Senate

I saw that man wearing his Pirates of Penzance robe at Bunnypant's first swearing yesterday.

Death, warmed over, comes to mind.

So what to do to replace him?

My suggestion is, that the Senate demos who actually have balls, like Barbara Boxer, should keep their powder dry and not spend too much effort on opposing his replacement.

Rhinequist is a crazy nazi, and whoever replaces him will be a crazy nazi too. So the net change is zero.

Wait until an important nominee comes along -- like the replacement for O'Conner... then fight like ballet dancers gone crazy.

If St. John the Magnificent Asscroft is the nominee, all bets are off.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Einstein year

Today marks the beginning of the 100th anniversery of the publication of two of Einstein's greatest discoveries.

As occasionally happens in the world of science an oddity occured. One of the papers he published in 1905 was on the photoelectric effect. This is a quantum mecanical bit of information where the only explanation was, that photons, the particles of light, existed, and interacted with other types of matter, particularly electrons. Up until this time the observations of the nature of light had indicated that it was a "wave", and that there was in particular nothing "waving". For this experiment he won the Nobel Prize.

Just to make things really odd, some years later, it was determined that light was both a particle and a wave. When we interact with light, such as viewing a photo of Claudia Schiffer, light is a particle. But when light is somewhere out there in space traveling from a star to our eye, is is not a particle at all, but a wave in the electromagnetic field, that can "collapse" to make a particle that we can detect.

His second, and more important physics paper (I think), was what we now call the Special Theory of Relativity. Buried in this paper was the simple formula that now every schoolboy knows making mass and energy equivalent. For this paper he did not win a prize, but it was some 40 years later that it's importance became clear in a city named Hiroshima.

Einstein was a great genius. Not because he produced reams of great work, like Leonardo -- he didn't. But because he was able to synthesize the observations that were available to him in a way that not only made sense to him and other physicists, but like Darwin, to scientists in general. He once was asked what made him think of the idea of Special Relativity. He answered that he simply wondered what he would observe if he were riding on a beam of light, like riding on a train. From this simple question a great idea was born.

He seems to have shared this great mind for synthesis of great ideas from simple questions, with other great discoverers. For instance, Kary Mullis, who came up with the idea of using the restriction enzymes that gave birth to modern genetics, asked himself some simple questions while driving by a picket fence on a country road.

The great concept of evolution, had been around for some time before Darwin, but he just asked some simple questions that he really had no answer for -- and a great idea was formalized (a half step ahead of his competition, incidentally).

So in this Year of Einstein, let's remind ourselves of how far human understanding of the universe, of which we are a part, has come -- and how far it has to go. We can now, thanks to the man from Princeton, look at what was happening in the universe when it was only one ten-thousandth of a millionth of a second old. And yet to fully understand the beginning, we will have to go billions of times further back in time. We now understand, in broad terms, the history of life on earth.

How amazing.

And the man we honor had much to do with it.

Monday, January 17, 2005

The Greatest Speech

In my life I have heard many good speeches by all sorts of people. I have only heard one great speech. With great reverence, I present below the text of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

Delivered on the steps at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. on August 28, 1963. Source: Martin Luther King, Jr: The Peaceful Warrior, Pocket Books, NY 1968

Five score years ago, a great American, in whose symbolic shadow we stand signed the Emancipation Proclamation. This momentous decree came as a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slaves who had been seared in the flames of withering injustice. It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of captivity. But one hundred years later, we must face the tragic fact that the Negro is still not free.

One hundred years later, the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination. One hundred years later, the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity. One hundred years later, the Negro is still languishing in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land.

So we have come here today to dramatize an appalling condition. In a sense we have come to our nation's capital to cash a check. When the architects of our republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.

This note was a promise that all men would be guaranteed the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned. Instead of honoring this sacred obligation, America has given the Negro people a bad check which has come back marked "insufficient funds." But we refuse to believe that the bank of justice is bankrupt. We refuse to believe that there are insufficient funds in the great vaults of opportunity of this nation.

So we have come to cash this check -- a check that will give us upon demand the riches of freedom and the security of justice. We have also come to this hallowed spot to remind America of the fierce urgency of now. This is no time to engage in the luxury of cooling off or to take the tranquilizing drug of gradualism. Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice. Now is the time to open the doors of opportunity to all of God's children. Now is the time to lift our nation from the quicksands of racial injustice to the solid rock of brotherhood.

It would be fatal for the nation to overlook the urgency of the moment and to underestimate the determination of the Negro. This sweltering summer of the Negro's legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality. Nineteen sixty-three is not an end, but a beginning. Those who hope that the Negro needed to blow off steam and will now be content will have a rude awakening if the nation returns to business as usual. There will be neither rest nor tranquility in America until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights.
The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges. But there is something that I must say to my people who stand on the warm threshold which leads into the palace of justice. In the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. Let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.

We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. we must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force.

The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.

We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall march ahead. We cannot turn back. There are those who are asking the devotees of civil rights, "When will you be satisfied?" we can never be satisfied as long as our bodies, heavy with the fatigue of travel, cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotels of the cities. We cannot be satisfied as long as the Negro's basic mobility is from a smaller ghetto to a larger one. We can never be satisfied as long as a Negro in Mississippi cannot vote and a Negro in New York believes he has nothing for which to vote. No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.

I am not unmindful that some of you have come here out of great trials and tribulations. Some of you have come fresh from narrow cells. Some of you have come from areas where your quest for freedom left you battered by the storms of persecution and staggered by the winds of police brutality. You have been the veterans of creative suffering. Continue to work with the faith that unearned suffering is redemptive.

Go back to Mississippi, go back to Alabama, go back to Georgia, go back to Louisiana, go back to the slums and ghettos of our northern cities, knowing that somehow this situation can and will be changed. Let us not wallow in the valley of despair. I say to you today, my friends, that in spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal." I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slaveowners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood. I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice. I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day the state of Alabama, whose governor's lips are presently dripping with the words of interposition and nullification, will be transformed into a situation where little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls and walk together as sisters and brothers. I have a dream today. I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together. This is our hope. This is the faith with which I return to the South. With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. With this faith we will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood. With this faith we will be able to work together, to pray together, to struggle together, to go to jail together, to stand up for freedom together, knowing that we will be free one day.

This will be the day when all of God's children will be able to sing with a new meaning, "My country, 'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. Land where my fathers died, land of the pilgrim's pride, from every mountainside, let freedom ring." And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious hilltops of New Hampshire. Let freedom ring from the mighty mountains of New York. Let freedom ring from the heightening Alleghenies of Pennsylvania! Let freedom ring from the snowcapped Rockies of Colorado! Let freedom ring from the curvaceous peaks of California! But not only that; let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia! Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee! Let freedom ring from every hill and every molehill of Mississippi. From every mountainside, let freedom ring.

When we let freedom ring, when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children, black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual, "Free at last! free at last! thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Develop a sex bomb??

No, we arn't going to talk about Madonna, or Christina, or even, heaven forbid, Brittany (although I might really get into those Tatu girls). It time for news from your ever vigilant Air Force.

It seems as those those boys and girls in the blue uniforms were taking a megadose of uber-LSD and donkey laxative during the 1990's.

They were busy developing a super sex stimulant to use as a "non-lethal" weapon against enemy forces. "This should really lay them out," said General Pendragon, who has since moved to direct the Missle Defense Program.

Not just your run of the mill aphrodisiac ... but a bomb that will turn Iraqui insurgents into raging fairies.

Gives new meaning to the term "blown away" doesn't it?

Oh, my, what in the world will happen to the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy?

What will that goofy Dr. Dobson, and the Family research Council say?

Will Jerry (the jerk) Pfalwell send his sons to be prison guards around a bunch of swishers who might decide to make love rather than war around their captors?

It might make those photos of the nekkid cheerleader pyramids at Abu Garibe downright porn to the extent that even Al Goldstein couldn't publish them.

At least this idea is not as smelly as another project by the Einsteins at the Pentagon. Develop a chemical weapon that will give the bad guy such a case of halitosis that even his really hot partner would avoid him. Well, at least halitosis beats no breath at all, a reversal of our present policy.

How much for this little gay romp through fantasy-land? El cheapo by military standards, only 7 million. At least they could get the "remote viewers" to "see" what was going on. Sounds better than the CIA can do, to me.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Screw those demo appeasers

Screw you, America Sometimes the fish in the barrel deserve to die

America speaks with one voice. Unfortunately, it emanates from its ass.

— Barry Crimmins

DON’T FORGIVE my anger. All this needs to be said. And I know that as soon as that stiff-faced to-the-manure-born right-wing lackey in the White House tries to appoint a 21st-century counterpart to Roy Bean to the Supreme Court in a few weeks, more people are going to wish they’d said it sooner. John Kerry fucked up. More important, America fucked up. And the people who fucked up the most — you infamous red-staters — are going to suffer along with the rest of us. To put it in lingo a NASCAR devotee would understand, "Y’all deserve a good talkin’-to."

John F. Kerry, you’re first.

In your befuddling concession speech, you actually called for unity and healing. Sounds good, clown, but can’t you even imagine for a second that the people who supported you so zealously for the past five months might just see that insincere gesture of good sportsmanship as a betrayal? See, unlike you pols, we voters actually believe in shit. We believe that George W. Bush and his henchpeople are a real threat to the survival of democracy. We believe that they’re killing people for profit. And we believe that they don’t have a goddamn clue about forfending terrorism on US soil.

That’s not a position gap; that’s an ideological gash. And it’s not going to heal, because, unlike you expedient professional truth-manipulators, I’m not prepared to meet the enemies of freedom halfway just because you lost the election. Your speechwriters might see the Bush administration’s failings as nothing more than convenient fodder for your campaign blather, but the GOP junta’s sins don’t go away just because decrying them no longer serves your ambitions. Last week they were the imperialist pigs who misled us into war and you were the savior. Now we’re the goddamn Getalong Gang?! Screw that. Fight back or shut up.

Now, the rest of you ...

A lot of us effete Easterners want to know: what the fuck is wrong with you?! You voted against your self-interest at every turn (you dumb-asses in South Dakota deserve special credit for voting out one of the most powerful Democrats in the Senate) and re-elected an ignorant cowboy who can’t be trusted to remember a lunch order, never mind run a country. What in the name of God ...?! Wait, it was in the name of God, wasn’t it? Rendered weak and ignorant by a spoon-fed climate of fear, you slack-jawed inbred flatlanders have sought refuge in the traditional twin towers of mindlessness — jingoistic patriotism and fundamentalist religion. God’s on your side. Like hell. Jesus loves us, dammit.

Okay, you want God? Let’s talk about God. Your religion is bogus. Fundamentalism, the facile belief in the unexplained and un-researched, is something you born-agains (couldn’t get it right the first time, huh?) share with Al Qaeda, whose ideologues doggedly adhere to religious misinterpretations every bit as silly and dangerous as yours. Just like you, Muslim fundamentalists long to impose an unrealistic and intolerant pseudo-Calvinist morality on the world. In fact, America’s religious right has so much in common with the Shiah, it’s a wonder you guys don’t invite them to join the Rotary. Born-againsters look for the face of Christ in the wallpaper; fundamentalist Muslims hallucinate the voice of the 12th Imam; but aside from that (and extremely divergent attitudes toward pork), you both hate the same stuff — homosexuality, pacifism, Jews, education, uppity women, enlightenment, short skirts, gangsta rap, tattoos, infidels ... (They also share your love of super-lethal weaponry.)

Well, sorry to burst your holy bubble, Jesus freaks, but God did not create the world in seven days; that’s just ignorant. Like a lot of stuff in the Bible, it didn’t happen. And Moses looked more like Jeff Goldblum than like Charlton Heston. Jesus didn’t hunt; he fished. Jesus wouldn’t want you (or anyone else) to have an assault rifle. What would Jesus do if he met you? He’d ask you to stop ruining his hard-won good reputation. (Y’know the guy died to redeem your sorry ass; you might at least show a little respect for what he was really about.)

What else is bothering you self-destructive morons?

What other overwhelmingly urgent issue caused you to vote yourselves into the retirement poorhouse and sacrifice the four freedoms? Gay marriage? Dig it. Right at this moment in your little picturesque insular East Silage-for-Brains, USA, there are gay and lesbian couples walking around — possibly even copulating. Really. It’s been going on around you all your lives, and you’ve never been hurt by it. Now, if these same couples were "married" in any legal sense, they’d still walk and copulate as usual and it still wouldn’t make any difference to you. You don’t like or understand homosexuality? Fine. Nobody’s asking your permission. But it’s not your problem. And hiding it won’t make it go away. Nor will persecuting gays change anybody’s sexual preference. So, to put it aptly, go fuck yourselves and leave other people alone.
Anything else? Education deform ... er reform. Some of you weren’t even born the first time when, in 1968, legendary secular-humanist prophet Frank Zappa wrote: "All your children are poor unfortunate victims of lies you believe.

A plague upon your ignorance that keeps the young from the truth they deserve." We repeat, creationism is absurd.

Yet in the name of protecting this ridiculous and irrelevant belief, you toothless crank-heads are willing to eschew all science and learning this side of Copernicus. (Or do you still think the sun orbits the earth?) The Bushies really are on your side here. Leaders like G.W. and (yes, it’s a fair comparison) Hitler rise to power by exploiting the support of the weak and stupid, so it’s in their interest to encourage weakness and stupidity. That’s where universal education becomes a threat. Education encourages creative thought. Creative thought empowers people. Fascists hate creative thought. So it’s incredibly convenient for the GOP that you folks actually want your kids to be dumb. Which is why the No Child Left Behind initiative you endorse has, in fact, done nothing! Happy? Perhaps ignorance really is bliss.

What else is on your hate-laden Limbaugh-laid table? Flag burning? It’s just cloth, guys. Sex ed? Heaven forbid your daughters learned the facts of life in time to prevent having to avoid an abortion.

Gun control? We said "control," not confiscation. And there are high-powered automatic weapons most civilians really do not need. Even moose tend to come at you one at a time. "But shooting’s fun!" you argue. "It’s a sport." Breaking windows and driving 100 miles an hour are fun, but they’re legally controlled activities. "But," you object, "how do I defend my family when the nigras and the Jews and the Communists from Harvard come on my property?" Right. Lock the gate; everybody covets your Tupperware and your chard. We’ll be right over.
Does it really bother you cornpone chuckleheads that "we" think you’re under-educated, culturally limited, and ignorant? Well, how about proving us wrong? For starters, get this straight: there were no weapons of mass destruction; the Iraqis did not attack the World Trade Center; lots of children (including many of yours) are left behind every day; the greenhouse effect is for real; and the Dixie Chicks were right. Pin down a few of those basics and then perhaps we’ll talk.

Am I being elitist here? Disrespectful of the dignity of the masses? I fuckin’ hope so, because 51 percent of the masses have had their say and it doesn’t make sense. Besides, when I think about people being tortured while they’re held without representation at Guantánamo and Iraqi families crawling out of the rubble of their own homes, I’m not too worried if I insult some Bible-sucking insurance salesman or a possum-breathed saw sharpener.

TOO HARSH? I know (because I’ve been so chided) that there are lots of good, right-thinking/left-leaning liberals out there who feel it’s my responsibility to "understand" you. These are good people; unlike you assholes, they voted the right way. But this is why in true progressive circles the word liberal attracts adjectives such as "wishy-washy," "self-serving," and "useless."

In its own well-intentioned way, liberalism is, when you think about it, almost as big a problem as fundamentalism is. See, as much as I disagree with you and am disgusted by the shallow and pathetic pawns you’ve become, I respect your potential. That’s why liberal Democrats can’t bring themselves to do what the Republicans do so well — cynically lie to you for selfish gain. (Do you really think Kerry would have banned the Bible?) We nice people actually expected reasoned arguments, logic, and incontrovertible evidence to convince you that Kerry was the better candidate. Turns out that the GOP’s double whammy of fear and loathing is a more powerful vote-getting tool.

Of course they, not we, laid the groundwork there. And that’s the real shocker you fly-over chicken-rubbers are going to realize just before the end (of freedom, that is; I don’t mean the Rapture, which is something else you believe in that’s not going to happen): you’ve been duped, and the Bushies are laughing at you behind your spineless backs right now. The Republicans don’t care about you; they just wanted your vote so they can stay in power and make their oil-and-blood-soaked cronies even richer. They’re going to send your job overseas and destroy Social Security. In the name of catching terrorists, they’re going to make sure you don’t read any interesting books or travel without permission. They’re going to toss you a minuscule tax cut in exchange for under-funding public education and social services, so there will be more poor people around to bother you. Perhaps you will become one of them.

They’re going to shower the pharmaceutical companies with excess profits while denying you life-saving medical attention. They’re going to let corporate conglomerates fill the air you breathe with carcinogens while they discourage clean-energy research. They’re going to insist the ozone layer’s okay until y’all bake your little red asses off. They’re going to alienate the rest of the Western world and any portion of the Eastern world that isn’t willing to supply Wal-Mart with cheap labor. They’re going to throw more Saddam-esque bogeymen in your face while tacitly supporting Saudi terrorists and ignoring nuclear-armed Korean dictators. They’re going to rig the system so that even you law-abiding yahoos won’t be able to get a fair trial. And worst of all, they’re going to dehumanize your children and send them off to kill or be killed in the name of oil profits.

And you bought into it all because you’re afraid. And you’re afraid because they scared you. And it was all so unnecessary. You don’t have to be frightened. You (okay, most of you) aren’t really stupid or helpless. I know you at your worst and best. I grew up with you; I shared outdoor plumbing with you; I complimented the dead deer hanging on your front porches. You can open your minds and accept or reject things on their merits instead of on their reputations in small-minded circles.

You can think for yourselves.

And some day, you might figure that out. Meanwhile, you deserve what we all got thanks to you, you bastards.

Clif Garboden can be reached at

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Stolen from

My husband has a long record of money problems. He runs up huge credit card bills. At the end of the month, if I try to pay them off, he shouts at me, saying I am stealing his money. He says pay the minimum, and let our kids worry about the rest, but already we can hardly keep up with the interest.

Also he has been so arrogant and abusive toward our neighbors that most of them no longer speak to us. The few that do are an odd bunch, to whom he has been giving a lot of expensive gifts, running up our bills even more.

Also, he has gotten religious in a big way, although I don't quite understand it. One week he hangs out with Catholics and the next with people who say the Pope is the Anti-Christ. And now he has been going to the gym an awful lot and is into wearing uniforms and cowboy outfits, and I hate to think what that means.

Finally, the last straw.

He's demanding that before anyone can be in the same room with him, they must sign a loyalty oath. It's just so horribly creepy!

Can you help? Signed, Lost in DC

Stop whining, Laura. You can divorce the jerk any time you want. The rest of us are stuck with that asshole for four more years!

Monday, January 10, 2005

If they really want to help

The US Supreme Courts, lacking the defender of the Ku Klux Klan -- the Chief who wears a robe right out of wardrobe at the high school production of Pirates of Penzance --says the Klan can clean up a highway in MassaMo, formerly known as the bootheel.

The bootheel of Missouri can make Lurleen, Mississippi, look like the Yale campus.

And they can put up a nice brown highway sign that says they are doing this, all of it, just for you, and the Pigman, who amazingly is still not in a prison cell.

Read the report here.

I have a suggestion for all those goobers who spend their lives sitting on the broken-down stoop of their double-wide, eating a chicken leg, and tossing the bone to the emaciated hounds lying in the dirt and shade of a rusty pick-em-up junker in the "front yard", and licking the muzzle of his pistol that he carries to the local honkey-tonk/ catfish surimi/nekkid dancing/Sunday meeting house/brush arbor memorial.

And slowly polishes his tooth.

If you really want to clean up this state, put one of those orange plastic bags over your head, open a can of Zyklon B, take a deep breath, and do the world a favor.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

How stupid can hillbillys be???

As Paul Henning, creator of the "Bevery Hillbillys" discovered -- pretty damn stupid.

This morning on local talk radio KWTO, which I prefer to call Keep Watching Turds [in the] Ozarks, the incompetent Bonnie Bell, and the extraordinarly rude Billy Long took a call from Marsha in Kansas.

Marsha, the uninformed, supplies us with the information that the US is the most generous giver to the stricken areas of Asia.

Buzzzzzzzt --- Marsha --- go have another piece of cake.

Somewhere out there, is a clue -- waiting for Marsha to find it.

The United States is fourth. Behind Germany, Japan, and Australia.

But we did send them Colin Powell, who hangs to the left in a very large way ... to judge from the interview yesterday.

Why don't they get down on their knees and thank us?

Sunday, January 02, 2005

A Challenge for all the Fundie Whack-jobs

OK ... you fundamentalists who love to shoot off your mouth to gain political power. It's time to put-up or shut-up.

For all of you that have driven science such as stem cell research out of the US to Europe and Asia ... time to lay your money on the table, along with your cards.

I call your hand.

Today, each and every one of you should be forced to sign a sacred pledge, preferably on the Word of God, that if you, or a member of your family, at some time in the future should have a disease or injury, that could be treated with the future products of stem cell research, that you will refuse to take them, or allow your mother with Alzheimer's Disease to take them.

You will not allow your religious "values" to be compromised for any medical purpose whatsoever.

Be the first in your neighborhood to take the words of you doG seriously, or the words of Phyliss Shafley -- whichever come first to your mind.