Sunday, August 29, 2004

Introduction to the Curbstone Critic

First, I suppose a word of introduction is appropriate. I am an aging, liberal, balding, toothless, overweight, male whose idea of "good sex" is a piece of Key Lime cheesecake. So much for introductions.

I wish I could tell you that the name Curbstone Critic was a product of my befuddled mind. Unfortunately, it is not. It was used by an old friend who was the farm editor of the Springfield, Missouri, Leader and Press, and an occasional columnist who took great delight in annoying all the fundamentalists in this small midwestern town, Tom Ellis. RIP

I will continue to annoy them, to the very best of my ability.

But much like my pal, Ron Davis,
I have eclectic interests. Hating neo-cons, science, photography and aviation just to mention a few. Heaven only know what might turn up here. Particularly since I am very bad at maintaining my webpage at

Sadly, I just discovered that this blogsite does not allow me to post a photo ... too bad ...many times the story is in the pictures. As in the case of the radio nag, Luara the Nekkidly Unashamed Slessinger. Seems as though I heard a promo for Doc Meng's radio show where she is ragging all over some teenager for dressing sexy. Asks her at one point does she (the teen) want guys to look at her for her body or her mind? (The teen lies and says, her mind). Too bad Doc didn't want others to look at HER for her mind. In fact, while engaging in an extramarital affair, she had her boyfriend/lover/just pal, take some polaroids. Now I have no objection to nudity, I take lots of pictures myself. But, I do object to UGLY nudity ... and man, this is ugly ... if you go here, bring a barf bag.

Radio scold Laura first denied it was her -- then sued a website for publishing them --- and then decided it was her after all. She seems to be confused about her own body.

So are we.

See you soon. Fundamentalists, freepers, drunks, and neer-do-wells are invited to write. I promise I will pass your comments along.



Blogger John Stone said...

Actually this is a test ... suggested by my friend Jim Terr, to see how to do it ... It looks like you have to log in, but they have a good privacy policy, and the site comes reccommended by some friends that actually know what they are doing.

Next issue, the Pigboy, "little blues", maids as dealers, hillbilly heroin, and a get out of jail free cared ... no nudity of the intended subject, thank Gawd ....

12:45 PM, August 29, 2004  

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