Friday, September 09, 2005

Another Pugly "Neat Idea" Backfires

This year the Republican Congress, over the objections of all consumer groups, changed the Bankruptcy Laws, to provide less protection for consumers and give more to the creditors. Great idea, they said. Make those cheating slobs pay more to corporations.

Seems as though there is a snag.. caused by Ugly Kate. People have lost everything ... houses, cars, all belongings, jobs ... everything. Bankruptcy may be the only alternative for them. There may be some insurance or disaster money, but nowhere near enough to restore their previous lives.

But count on the fact that bill collectors will keep calling ... wanting hospital or doctor bills paid today or they will sue.

So, Rep Nodler has had to introduce a special bill to exempt people effected by Katrina, and make them elegible for protection under the old Bankruptcy Laws.

If you live in Missouri you are outta' luck ... screw you.


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