Friday, September 29, 2006

My Visitors This Summer

This year I kept pretty complete records of who visited my feeders, when, how many chil'uns, and any habits.

I am reminded to post this because I still have a female hummer hanging around, well after the time she should have headed to Central America. So I just took down the feeder. That will scoot her on her way.

Here is a list: I didn't get the feeders up at my new place until June 1st so I am interested to see who I can attract next year.

You can see many pics on my flickr site (My Photos in the side bar) -- look under "miscellaneous".

1. House Wren

2. Carolina Wren

3. Cardinal

4. Common Dove

5. Goldfinch

6 Ruby-throated Hummingbird

7.Common Flicker (Yellow phase)

8.Downey Woodpecker

9.House sparrow

10. Baltimore Oriole (one time for short period migrating south - no food out for him -- next May on the way north)

11. Common House Sparrow

12. Tufted titmouse

13. And of course the grackles and starling thieves, but not too many since they began to be picked off with a pellet gun.

14. And I can't believe I forgot my favorite backyard Libertarian Robber Baron --- the Bluejay.


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