Monday, November 27, 2006

Bush to Flee Country

Even a pResident with the intellectual abilities of George Bush knows when the jig is up. No more back doors to sneak through. No more getting bailed out of your screwups by Pop-pop's friends. No more gettin a friendly sergeant to shred the 201 files. Nope --- there comes a time in every incompetent's life when all you can do is run away, disappear, drop down the rabbit hole, and pull your blankie over your head and wish for a bling-bling under your Xmas tree.

I had wondered what the heck the twins were doing in South America partying up a storm, getting mugged under the nose of the Secret Service, and playing eyesies with Hugo Chavez. Turns out they are checking out the new digs and how those hot latino guys party.

It's all over the net and I didn't even know until Bruce Sievers stopped by to say HI today.

George is buying a 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay. Yep -- the ultimate getaway from it all, in a place where your closest neighbor is Pablo Escobar -- but at least he can provide protection.

It is rumored that the estate is part of the former holdings of Dr. Joseph Mengela and Martin Borman who used it for the same purpose that Bush intends to use it.

Don't believe me? Googelistimize Bush and Paraguay..


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