Thursday, December 14, 2006

VD(j) Gets Hot on the Radio

VD(j) is sweating. His dollop of morning oatmeal is dribbling down his chin. He's wet, man .. wetter than Brook Shields in Blue Lagoon ... wetter than WaterWorld ... wetter than Jaqueline Bisset in The Deep, (who also starred in a film called Les Marmottes -- choke on your breakfast big girl!!).

VD(j) obcesses over porn star Traci Lords, which is odd considering the placement of his small johnson and the name Traci Lords in the same sentence is the highest form of irony. He likes Traci, I could hear it in his voice. Those pouty lips...

those ....

that .....

Is she into piles of loudmouth jello?

It's a wonder that the sweat dripping off his forehead didn't short out his johnson -- er -- microphone.

It was a way for him to segue into hot latino babes dancing nekkid in SGF bars being watched closely by the Minutepussies -- wait that's redundant! And about the purity of drunk college kids on spring break in Florida who behave like the adults on Bourbon Street in February. By the time he was finsished an emergency order had gone out to route all the Baptist Bible College school busses far away from the studio.

It was a hot time on the old radio this morning.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

VDJ is a sick person, no telling what is going on in his head. We will read about him doing something strange soon.

4:47 PM, December 20, 2006  

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