Saturday, October 30, 2004

He's still a genius

Yeah, he is also crazy as Kathyrn Harris (R-CruellaDeVille) riding her broomstick into a tree. But Hunter S. Thompson, who now prefers to always use the Dr. demotation in front of his name, is one of the great observers of my lifetime. When he is away from a bottle of Jack Daniels and a .44 magnum you are probably safe around him, although I would hate to be his housecat.

What a piece of writing this is.

There is angst in the heart of Texas today, and panic in the bowels of the White House. Rove has a nasty little problem, and its name is George Bush. The president failed miserably from the instant he got onstage with John Kerry. He looked weak and dumb. Kerry beat him like a gong in Coral Gables, then again in St Louis and Tempe. That is Rove's problem. His candidate is a weak-minded frat boy who cracks under pressure in front of 60 million voters.


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