Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Smirk and "three-job Americans"

Bunnypants and his vaunted political advisor Unca' KKKarl
Rove really are screwing up on the choice of little people to embarrass on stage.

Seems like George the Lessor had a woman on stage with him in Nebraska who said, "I have three jobs".

The chimp immediately grabs the banana and says, "That's great".

Not so great actually.

Because this poor woman has to have three part-time jobs to pay the bills -- not elegible for any benefits for nonsense stuff like health care, retirement, vacations, holidays ... for those Red State Republicans who make her think she has such a good deal in life.

Story of America. Workers get screwed. Rich get richer. Companies can do anything they want to anyone. Regulations be damned.

Praise corporate wealth and power. Fuck the people. Typical Kansas thinking.


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