Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Boy Runt in trouble...

Oops ... a spoonerism, a fart of the mind, a burp of the gut ... it's Roy Blunt, the erstwhile Gov of Missouri who is beginning to look a lot like Mel Brooks protrayal of the GOV in Blazing Saddles.

Boy, the son of Roy Blunt of different fame (R-Billy'sBoyToyRoy) is only the third worst governor in the US after 4 months in office. Give him time to fall to dead last. A week or two should do it since the lege is still making noise.

It's not his job, or the job of the Repugs to make sure the citizens of Missouri have Medicaid, or education for their children ... silly you, those are Demodawg programs and the Repugs are going to have none of it. They are too busy passing laws to make sure that children under three can go to Arkansas to get vaccinated for the flu, or that 9th graders can learn all about Cretinsm in science class -- you know, stuff worthy of the Repug's time.

He of couse surrounds himself with the usual assortment of clowns you can read about here.


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