Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A weird random thought

Tonight on my old friend Jim Bohannon's radio show he went into a full-bore rant about the evils of programmers who design programs with the arrogance of thinking they know what you want to do. Dammit guys, put the thing together where I can do what I want to do.

But since I was chuckling at Jim, and sitting in a room only lit by a CRT I decided it was time to take inventory of pretty much useless techno stuff surrounding me.

I counted no fewer than 22 of those little diode lights adorning my night. And Christmas is six months away. Computers, speakers, printer, photo scanner, TV, radio, and a few that I have forgotten what they are suppose to do.

There are blue ones, green ones and red ones too. Color doesn't seem to have any importance, since if the red light on my power distribution box goes out, so will the only light I have ... this silly screen. Then I will look for a flashlight, or if I remembered to pay the utility bill, the wall switch, to find out if the cat finally managed to electrocute herself.

Ah ... the joys of modern miracles.


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