Tuesday, September 13, 2005

If you are poor and steal during a national crisis, you are a thief.

If you are rich and steal during a national crisis, you are a Republican.

Ten Questions for the 39% of godbots, domionists, rednecks, racists, and goobers who still think George the Lesser is doing a good job:

1. Who dresses you in the morning?

2. Do you use common utensils when you eat?

3. Which of these items is different from the others? a) Cup b) Plate c) Bowl or d) Porcupine

4. Do you take your medication before answering polls?

5. If a car is going 60 miles per hour, how far will it go in one hour?

6. How many words are in your vocabulary? Please be exact.

7. Do you steer your car with the big wheel in front of the driver's seat or with one of the pedals on the floor?

8. Which goes “woof,” a doggie or a kitty?

9. In what state is the Kentucky Derby held?

10. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being President Bush and one being a rock, just how stupid are you?


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