Thursday, November 10, 2005

Especially Satisfying Night

I keep asking Ron Davis how to spell shundefrende, but he just lets me look like a fool and suffer alone. But it's a word for taking glee in anothers misfortune. And I am full of it tonight.

All eight members of the Dover, PA, school board who supported the teaching of non-science ("Intelligent" Design) in science courses were kicked out of office. All were Republicans incidentally, and all who replaced them were Democrats.

One might explain the results without allowing how the voters in that part of the world had a sudden impulse of sanity. For instance, the current court case against the school board is over, awaiting decision by the judge. At one point in the trial one of the main fiction writers of ID, Michael Behe, testified that using his definition of science, astrology qualifies. One of many hoots that occured during this three week trial. The Provost at Lehigh University has laid down the law to Behe: whenever he identifies himself as being on the faculty of Lehigh he must also include a disclaimer that in no way do his ideas represent the University, the faculty, or his own department.

Maybe it dawned on the voters that when they lose this case, and that is a virtual certainty, the district is going to put up with the money tab from everybody. My prediction is that legal fees for the plaintiffs alone will come to something like $2 million. And to make it even sweeter, most of that will go to the ACLU attorneys -- something that is bound to piss off all the fundie religious/political nuts who pushed this bow-wow of an idea.

Meanwhile, Kansas ... ah, good old Kansas ... continues to blindly drive the train headlong onto the bridge that is missing the middle span.

The National Academy of Sciences, has denied Kansas the use of any of its copywrite material in any biology course until they decide to teach science rather than religion. A number of Universities, around the world and in the US, have stated that if they continue, the Kansas High School credits for biology will not be accepted for fulfilment of prereqs for admission to their University. Maybe they can get in MoSt rather than Harvard.

Finally, some sanity in the voting booth.

Bless the Flying Spaghetti Monster. May his marinera never spoil.


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