Sunday, December 11, 2005

Some housekeeping details

First, I swear I will get a list of links to the blogs I like and read, up by Tuesday ... honest, I promise. People who read this blog probably already read many of them. But there are some great blogs on biology, medicine and science in general that are amazingly well done.

Also I have a tendency to be under-wordy. (Deconstruct that one Ronbo.) Many times I will read a news report or a blog that just plain says it better than I can, or think I can, so will just give a link. I am going to try to post longer entries, that either explain more about the link, or add something to the link.

And since I like humor, and think the written word is so wonderful for humor, I will try to do more. Much of what passes as my humor comes from a little bit of anger. Anger at the whack-fundamentalist clowns around this part of the country, anger at the stupidity and corruption of "public servants", or, since I work where I can listen to many radio programs, anger and disgust at the way the media, particularly radio, which I love, has deteriorated into nothingness.

So stay tuned, the fun has just started.

Plus, wintertime photos really suck (anyone interested in 42 shades of brown?) and I don't do as many photos for my flickr page. Naw -- that's really not true. Winter is the best time for bird photos, and I was at Fellows Lake today and it was beautiful.


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