Saturday, November 26, 2005

Only in Texas

Some politicians put clever sayings on bumper stickers. Kinky Friedman has put his entire platform on a bumper sticker, and there is plenty of white space left over.

Friedman is running for GOV. Mel Brooks, in his role as GOV in Blazing Saddles has a better chance of being elected GOV of Texas; come to think of it, he's funnier too.

If Ross Perot has as his theme song "Crazy", then the theme for Friedman is one of his own, "They ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore". That should be a big hit in Texas. His slogan is "I will sign books, CD and T-shirts, anything but bad legislation." Coming from a State that has produced the likes of George Bush, and GOV "Goodhair" Perry, I must admit this might be an improvement.

It's always good to do a campaign/book selling speech on the floor of the Texas House, wearing a black cowboy hat, black long "columbine" duster jacket and carrying an (unlit) big cigar. The only thing missing was a bottle of Jim Beam -- or in the case of the Kinkster, a Jamaican doobie -- and maybe a colt. The C-SPAN cameras didn't catch whether or not he was wearing spurs.

Showing that gawd is gracious, Kink does have one friend in the world. Don Imus, the "I-Man", notable for a thirteen year old wife and a face that only Marlborough can appreciate. That will be an inaugeration to see ... the I-Man giving the oath of office to the Kinkster. What will Rev Doc Criswell think, what will Molly think? Think Mexico can be talked into taking it back?


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