Tuesday, November 22, 2005

And the Flames Creep Closer

Last Friday a close associate of Jack Abramoff pled guilty to a series of crimes, including the bribery or attempted bribery of various congressmen.

In the world of prosecutors this is called "dealing up". You get the goods on a lower level criminal, and then smack him between the eyes that you are going to ask for the max jail time, which usually amounts to something like ten quadrazillion years. But you can make a deal with him if he will rat-out the people who were more important.

Jack Abramoff himself has turned into a small fish as the names of several congressmen are now in the mix. First, his good buddy, Tom Delay, who will be the next to be indicted. Then Bob Ney. Who will go after that. And then who??? (Hint to Ralph-SqeekyClean Reed and Grover Nordquist -- seek legal counsel)

How about Billy'sBoyToyRoy Blunt? After all, Blunt was a favored guest at Table #40, Abramoff's own table, in Abramoff's Washington eatery, woofing down some very expensive steaks. In fact, he was listed as a "FOO" Friend of Owner, and was not to be presented with something so embarrassing as say .... a bill.

Now the next question is what did Abramoff either get, or expect to get, from the BoyToyRoy? Arm twisting for his legislation? Simply the vote of an obscure Congressman from the Ozarks? A plea with BoyToy's pal President Weak and Stupid for a pardon from the charges that he certainly knew would come from his criminal activities.

And why, if we have such a smart Congressman, did the BoyToy allow himself to be suckered into such a damning situation if he claims, as his criminal lawyer does, that he is clean as an Ozarks stream.

Time to fess up Roy. Courts will go easier on you if you turn yourself in and cooperate with the prosecutor.


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