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Deadeye's Story Develops Holes

According to The Chimp: I am satisfied that the Veeps explaining how is explanation is explained is a satisfactory explanation. Therefore we won't have any more explaining to do of his explanation and get on to explaning other things. Oh, and by the way Dick-Dick you done a hekka' good job on September 11th when Saddam terrored us. Or the evil ones. Or whoever.

Harry Whittington Shooting Ballistics Tested, Cheney shot at Whittington from 15 feet not 90 as claimed ..........................

(excerpt)We used three cameras to film the test, two were fixed at different angles to the targets, the other was used to film Alex shooting the shotgun. In our group we had Raymond, a former NASA contract engineer from the Apollo program with prior service in the Air Force to make sure the measurements were correct. Another in our team was Karl, a former Airborne Infantrymen, M.P., weapons and self-defense instructor, and former law enforcement, to explain the nature of shot trajectory and wound ballistics. And finally there was Ryan and I on the cameras.

The first thing we did was to measure out 90 feet or 30 yards from where we were to set-up the various targets. We erected man sized torso targets for the shots from 90 feet, 30 feet, 15 feet, and 10 feet. We also made shots from both barrels. The first shot was from 90 feet into the paper target on a cardboard backing, this gave a spread of approximately 7 ½ feet. Rule of thumb, you get 1 inch of spread for every 10 feet of distance away from the barrel.

Most of the pellets were lodged in the cardboard with a few completely penetrating the 1/8 of an inch cardboard. The next shot involved the latex torso dummy we brought, he was dressed in two layers of clothing, a sweater and a shirt. Mr. Whittington was reported to be wearing 3 layers. Again this shot was from 90 feet, most of the shot that hit the target were caught in the fibers of the clothing, a few actually penetrated through both layers, but these were extremely shallow and could be picked out with your fingers or tweezers. The same goes for the neck and face, if the pellets hit at any sort of an angle if would they simply bounce off.

The next shots were taken at 30 feet in case Cheney and his goons were to come out with a correction from yards to feet.

This yielded a spread that was more than 2 feet in diameter, still at
least twice as wide as the Texas Park and Wildlife Hunting
Accident and Incident Report Form indicated.

We next took a shot from 15 feet or 5 yards (that’s half a first down). *The spread from this distance was approximately 8 to 10 inches. Imagine the sight picture you would see looking down the barrel from 15 feet. Mr. Whittington’s upper body would fill your vision, are we to believe that a bird flew between Mr. Whittington and Cheney, the bird would have had to be almost touching the end of the barrel.* The shot taken from 10 feet had a spread of around 6 inches. In both the 10 foot and 15 foot shots the holes made by the wad were significant. With the data from these distances and their corresponding spreads we feel comfortable in stating that Mr. Whittington was shot from a distance of between 15 and 18 feet. There is no confusing this distance with that of 90 feet.

So we have established the distance of the shot. Now we wanted to see if we could match the wound penetration. As I already stated the shots at the dummy torso from 90 feet had little to no effect. Alex then decided to shoot the game hen and the watermelon from 90 feet. The results of these shots were penetrations of 1 to 2 millimeters, this means they were just under the outer layer of skin. There was also evidence of impacts that bounced off, leaving black smudges on both targets. At shots taken from 30 feet slightly deeper penetrations, but nothing that went passed the most outer layers of the actual meat. The last shot was taken at the game hen from 15 feet and that shot yielded the kind of results that Mr. Whittington experienced, a tight cluster of pellet hits penetrating into the internal cavities of the body.

In Conclusion the Kenedy County Sheriffs department closed its investigation on Thursday February 16th, without ever even being allowed to conduct one. It was clear from day one that the Cheney and Rove spin machine were engaging in a cover-up. We don’t know the specifics of what they are covering up, but what we do know is 100% scientifically proven. Mr. Whittington was shot from 15 to 18 feet, not the 90 feet claimed by Cheney. They acted very suspiciously by declaring national security and ordering the Secret Service to keep the Sheriff from questioning Cheney for over 13 hours. They then Care-Flighted Mr. Whittington to a hospital that was further away while declaring his wounds to be minor and superficial. Care-flight is reserved for only the most critically wounded, but 22 hours after the shooting incident they announced to the world that his wounds were minor, telling us he was sitting up in bed and cracking jokes. In the meantime the hospital had already x-rayed his chest and catheterized his heart to shunt the massive internal bleeding. But for a day and a half afterwards Whitehouse Press Secretary Scott McClellan was denying it.

We know that Cheney is lying. He shot Mr. Whittington up-close and whatever the circumstance are they’re either more embarrassing or outright criminal than he’s willing to admit. Meanwhile the liberal press is attacking Cheney for all the wrong reasons and the straw-men they build will easily be toppled, unless the people stand-up and demand an examination of the real facts.

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12:21 PM, February 18, 2006  
Blogger John Stone said...

Doc Bob Baratz and I had a bet going, based on the game warden's report, of how he would look coming out. Bob was more pessimistic and won. I don't think this pic was photoshopped. The colors of the bruising in this age man are too real. I did take the "graphics by" line off it because I knew it refered to putting the bird on it and not manipulation of Harry's photo, but that other people might be confused.

The question is now ... if they lied about the 30 yards, what else are they lying about?

I think I went to your sourse site to get the original and then had to convert a .bmp to a .jpg ...

3:23 PM, February 18, 2006  

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