Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Fuddgate: The Coverup

Bob Baratz, MD, DDS, Ph. D., found a copy of the game warden's accident report. It just doesn't make a ot of sense to anyone who knows left from right. Baratz's email is reproduced below:

The Violations cited to both Cheney and Widdington were for not having a "bird stamp"

Section 43.652

They would have us believe that the VP of the USA who is an avid bird hunter, and described in reports as hunting pheasant, ducks etc. doesn't know to get a special stamp on his license to allow him to hunt birds?

That, coupled with the alleged "right side" injury, but a drawing of the left side by the game warden leave one to doubt the facts as dribbled out.

If Widdington really was shot on the "right", how did it get to his heart (which is on the left), which would be on the far side of the body, and most protected. The bird shot went 30 yards, throught his heavy clothing, then got to his heart after passing through his entire right side? Huh?

And some of the press reports about his "heart attack" suggested a pellet (one of up to 200) at that range, got into a coronary artery, and then blocked it. At that range and from the opposite side of the body?

The text description says "right"

The two drawings are of different sides of the body. The front to back view shows the left side affected, but the lateral view shows the right side. Thus 2 of 3 parts of the report say, "right". Even if the game warden can't draw correctly,I would hope he does know right from left, .

Could it be the game warden never saw the victim? and all this info was supplied to him.

The accident report was neatly typed on the 13th, and faxed at 3:05 and 3:19 PM on that day (see top and bottom fax marks). There was thus plenty of time to get the facts straight. why aren't they straight?

As a former ER doc my nose says this has the air of fabrication about it.


I concur, and last night as I was talking with old F-16 driver Wally Greer we thought the same thing, even without seeing this report. When I guessed that it sounded like he was struck from about the ear to the nipple line on the side of his body. This is exactly what the drawings show.

Awfully tight pattern for 30 yards with a shotgun with birdshot.

Also, why no pneumothorax? Did a pellet somehow penetrate the jugular or other large vein and was carried to the heart. The questions are many, the answers don't add up.

It ain't the crime that killed Richard Nixon, it was the coverup.

A copy of the report is posted here:


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