Sunday, February 05, 2006

Who Yahoo Personals Thinks Deserves Me

Every week Yahoo Personals send me a list of people they think "fits me" for date, matrimony, watching a MOXIE movie, or going to a "what it do" party.

The above photo is one of my matches for this week. First, let me say that this is a beautiful lady and I intend no disrespect by what is written below. For all I know I might forever regret not getting hold of her on the phone .... and anyone who knows her can assure her that I just picked her out of the 40 or so that Yahoo sent me -- to make fun of Yahoo -- not her. Hell, I think she works for a lawyer -- I got enough grief in my life. At any rate she is very lovely ... probably rich too ... just my luck.

What does interest me is how Yahoo Personals matched this very attractive lady with MY PROFILE and photo that she can't see because Yahoo doesn't really care for it. How does this lady know that I am not 75 years old and look a lot like Studs Terkle? How, would she know that I am not a 15 year-old just cruising around for another Debra LaFave? How could she possible know that I am just looking for a good nurse to empty my bedpan?

This is the whole silliness of those "personal" ads in Yahoo, or anywhere else.

What is really intriguing are the ads from the guys. As one local wag who commented on an earlier post noted ... "of all those guys, how many do you suppose are married?" To tell the truth I only know of one for sure. It's that CHATTERismist guy.


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