Friday, March 17, 2006

Why You Shouldn't Shop at Radio Shack

Because they are jerks and don't care about their customers, and are going to go bankrupt.

Let me give you two personal experiences.

First, my last purchase from Radio Shack was a TV for my mother. $120 bucks. But it did have a $30 rebate. So I went thru all the hassle of filling out their forms copying the receipts, and all those other games that they make you play and sent it in. It's been 90 days now ... and no rebate. A letter of complaint went out to the Missouri Attorney General a couple of days ago. They don't have any money so can't give you the money they owe you. And they are going to get one great big fine.

Second, I went into their store on the plaza to pick up some miscellaneous stuff. I came to about $50 dollars. As I have done for years, I started to write a check. The waitress told me he needed my address, which is strange because they mail me a catalog every once in awhile... and have done so for years. And then he wanted TWO telephone numbers (cell phone sale maybe??). I told him I only had one telephone number and then the idiot said to give him a friend's telephone number. My response was screw you, walked out and will never go back.

He said that his manager demanded to do this ... that's probably a bullshit response ... but actually I wouldn't be surprised at all if some management type actually said this.

Anybody surprised that they are going to close 700 stores and probably go into recievership? Sell your stock today at any price.


Blogger John Stone said...

Well, isn't this precious? This morning, March 23d, I get an email from Radio Shack saying they have "recieved" my rebate stuff. It will take 8-10 weeks to process.

Since it has already been a couple of months -- count Radio Shack broke as I am -- it takes time to go out to the payday loan store to cover all your debts, -- what maroons .....

8:01 AM, March 22, 2006  

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