Friday, June 09, 2006

Houston: We got a problem here..

I got a problem here too. It's the photos of the face of al-Zarqawi .

Remarkable how unmarked it is .... remarkable since he supposedly just had a half ton of high explosive dropped on it.

I can tell you for certain that people who are in a two story mud brick farmhouse who get the experience of two 500 lb frags laid in their pocket do not come out of it looking like this.

Something is fishey here. He looks like he has been in something like a fistfight, beaten up ... but the story? Uh, unh ... not gonna' buy it ... not on this evidence.

NOTE AT 6:01 AM: There is some new information on this. Reuters reported 24 hours before that Iraquis had either killed or captured him in a helicopter raid. I will have a clip from Mike Malloy up as soon as I can edit it where he saved the Reuters story, wich has been deleted from their site, and reads it.

But first I have to record VD(J) to see who he is threatening to kill or assult today.


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