Thursday, June 08, 2006

al-Zarqawi Dead ????

It is being reported that they killed him in an air strike, We have heard this story before so lets wait and see. No one has seen his body yet. If so, good riddance to a bad actor.

It is interesting that our vaunted forces didn't do much more than drop a bomb. He was fingered by nosy neighbors. Assama doesn't have any nosy neighbors, so we are helpless.

This is later: And the radio loudmouths like VD(J) are having an orgasism all over their microphones. Even Eneman won't clean up the studio after this. They think it is going to rescue their scuzzy asses from disgrace and defeat. Wrongo turd-blossoms. The die is cast. We created the bastard, it's only right that we should kill the bastard.


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