Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Boogers Blog the Election

What an interesting and fun night. I counted seven laptops going at the table with everyone looking up different things. And I am sure that this is the first time in history that a legit newsperson, in the person of Tony, ever did this sort of thing and I think that he has gotten the idea of how to make newpapers survive.

JackeM showed up ... and then just sat there without intro'ing herself until I walked by, and she made rude comments about my not being able to button my shirt and I need to lose some weight. Really a lovely lady and we all hope she makes it more often.

A huge day for the demos of course. And the whining started from the freeps early and continued long and loud. But no one whined like VD(J) is whining right now. And his hundreds/dozens -- both of his admirers call in to say that now the demos have to do something. HAHAHAHA ..... And oh yes, gawd is going to lift her skirts and pee all over Missouri for passing the stem cell amendment. (Bring it on, sister, I say -- we can use the rain.)

VD(J) is really bitter that the repugs didn't take his advice, because he is always right, like let's see -- how about yesterday when he said that the repugs had closed ground and it was really looking good -- about that right. Instead of the Senate going lib on him.

And the big news af the day ... which will occupy space on this blog for days?

Brittany dumped the sperm donor.

Oh, the humanity .....


Blogger Jacke M. said...

The end of civilization has arrived.

Nancy Pelosi is riding on a dark horse over the horizon and our new state religion is likely to be "pastafarianism." I am devastated. The mental pictures of you rolling in a vat of hot, sauce laden spaghetti is too much for me to bear.

10:42 AM, November 08, 2006  

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