Sunday, August 29, 2004

Barely missing getting first place at the Darwin Awards

A Crazie Christer from Dublin cost the Brazilian leader of the Marathon a win Sunday by running onto the course and tackling the leader who eventually finished third.

This is not the first time defrocked priest Cornelius "Neil" Horan, has caused some disruption at an event. Last year at the British Grand Prix he ran onto the back staightaway during the race. Fifteen hundred pound, 1000 horsepower Grand Prix race cars, going 230 mph had to dodge him on the track.,14782,1293496,00.html

I remember seeing an Indy Car hit at rabbit at Indy once. Made for an interesting puff of pink cloud for about 1/2 second. One has to wonder if the cloud of debris from the Right Reverend Horan would have lasted any longer?

Come to think of it ... why isn't this guy in NYC this week talking about "family values" from the podium?

During his loss to the Grand Prix cars it was found that he had been nipping at the grog ... no word from Athens on whether or not it was the pushing incident, or simply a venomous breath that cost the Brazilian the race.

Perhaps we could ask Paul Summers to take a peek under the kilt he was wearing and give us the low-down -- ahem -- on what he finds. Just what I love -- a fundy, drunk, screwing up a sporting event, shouting Bible Verses, wearing a dress, and a repeat offender to boot. Sounds like the morning service at the Cherry Street Baptist Church.


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