Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Dim Son batting 1000

Yesterday the 1000th military man or woman died in the wastes of Iraq.

The means that George Bush has cost the lives of 836 additional Americans since he strutted on the carrier and announced, "Mission Accomplished".

This is addition to 7,500 Americans wounded, some severely enough to be awarded the Purple Heart, and 3,500 seriously enough to require lifetime care from a Veterans Administration that Bush has gutted.

And just as a matter of humanity, an estimated 25,000 Iraquis are dead; fighters, women, children -- anyone unlucky enough to be under a bomb or be in the path of a 25 mm explosive round.

Osama, you will be happy to know, is still alive and well, and the militants are killing children wholesale in schools in spite of the fact that we had him located, and pinned in the mountains of Tora Bora, and let him slip away through a massive political miscalculation.

Meanwhile, on the campaign trail, Bush continues to make the connection between Sept 11th and Iraq, even though he himself -- and ALL evidence -- refutes this assertion.

In Iraq we got rid of the Bathist leader, and now have designated Saddam's Bathist Party members as leaders of the country. The south is in full scale Shite Revolutionary revolt, and the Kurds in the north are using the power vacumn we created to carve out the long-sought Kurdish State. (Heads up Turkey, you are next)

Who exactly has caused more death in Iraq? Saddam -- or us?

Things are a freaking mess.

John Kerry wants to get us out in four years. Bush thinks we can never get out. Meanwhile Rummy and Wolfie are rattling sabers at Syria and Iran. This is an administration that desires never-ending war, never-ending death and destruction, never ending chaos, a never ending $200 billion per year drain on our national treasure.

For what purpose?

To create an apocalyptic scenario in the Middle East which will finally drag Israel into the whole stinking caldron, and the Jesus-lovin' George and all the fundamentist Kristian Krazies can have their Armagaddon, and the return of Jesus and everybody but them will go to hell and the earth will be destroyed.


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