Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What do these people have in common?

Lieutenant General Edward D. Baca (United States Army, Retired)
Lieutenant General Daniel W. Christman (United States Army, Retired)
General Wesley K. Clark (United States Army, Retired)
Admiral William J. Crowe (United States Navy, Retired)
Vice Admiral Lee F. Gunn (United States Navy, Retired)
General Joseph Hoar (United States Marine Corps, Retired)
Lieutenant General Claudia J. Kennedy (United States Army, Retired)
Lieutenant General Donald Kerrick (United States Army, Retired)
General Merrill “Tony” A. McPeak (United States Air Force, Retired)
General John M. Shalikashvili (United States Army, Retired)
Admiral Stansfield Turner (United States Navy, Retired)
General Johnnie E. Wilson (United States Army, Retired)

None of them had to swagger around the flight deck of a carrier, wearing a codspiece, and announce that "Mission Accomplished" to convince themselves that they served honorably in the Armed Forces of the US.

They all are in favor of getting rid of the Smirking Chimp and restoring not just America's credibility as a great peaceful nation, but more and more the credibility of the American military to the world.

What you say?? This mighty Army, armed with precision bombs, M1A1 tanks, 25 mm chain guns, SLAMMER cruise missles, B-2 stealth, nuke subs that can run in your bathtub without being heard, aircraft carriers a quarter of a mile long, is losing to some raggedy-assed bedouins, armed with AK-47s and some rusty artillery shells?

Yep .. that's exactly what I mean. And those flag officers know it too.

Let's look at what General Tony McPeak says:

I'm a fighter pilot, a Vietnam veteran and was our Air Force Chief of Staff during Desert Storm. There is absolutely nothing I take more seriously than the safety of our soldiers and the security of our country. [snip]

I was a Veteran for Bush in the last presidential election because I had hoped this President could provide such leadership. And now, President Bush says he embraces the work of the 9/11 Commission, but we all saw that he fought against the very formation of the commission and continues to the present moment to give it only grudging cooperation, no matter what he says. Why should we believe he will do anything to institute the needed change? [snip]

[T]his Administration has alienated our friends, damaged our credibility around the world, reduced our influence to an all-time low in my lifetime, given hope to our enemies. Unable to persuade or inspire others to stand with us, this President's only tool has been military force, with the consequence that our troops are overextended, bearing the burden of fighting this war virtually alone. [snip]

Of course the strut across the deck and announcing "Mission Acomplished" is soooooooo much more impressive than actually winning DFC's. Even Tony McPeak's "I was there" medals beat Bush's "Unit Award for Clean Hanger Floor" Medals.

All of them say that the Smirking Chimp who keeps a bottle of Jim Beam in the bottom drawer of his file cabinet has to go.

All of them are right.

First, Clinton's Army rolled all over an Iraqui Army that didn't want to fight us, and now is lagered down in the vast stretches of the desert, and when this powerful army sallys forth, a bunch of those raggedy ass types make mincemeat of them. Every terrorist in the world has learned the lesson that the North Vietnamese should have taught us. Power has no meaning if your enemy refuses to fight on your terms.

Today is the third day of the self-described War President's convention... just a couple of miles from the scene of the worst criminal action on American soil. How many times have you heard the name, Osama? For that matter, how many times have you heard the name of the country, Afganistan? Not once?? Sounds about right to me. In fact the "War President" told Matt Lauer on the Today Show that his war on terror, was unwinable. Maybe some Airman First Class who has actually read Lau Tzu, has tipped him off.

War President....

My ass.....


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