Sunday, October 31, 2004

He's probably still a slimeball

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Al Goldstein, former publisher of Screw Magazine and producer of porn films featuring the skankiest women imaginable, women that made the Hustler centerfold look like the All-American girl, and men noted for Lone Ranger masks and black socks held up by garters, has taken up residence at a homeless shelter.

He came before Pam Anderson, Mimi McPhearson, and Paris Hilton made porn respectable.

Read the story somewhere on this page.

It was a step down from his previous employment as a greeter at a local deli. Walmart must not have been hiring.

Poor Al. Let's all chip into the fund to buy him a grocery cart.

He does have a pal. Gary Null, flake/healer/swindler extraordinaire of PBS fame says he will be his friend and teach him to be a "healer".

Physician, heal thyself.


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