Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Fake Journalist? Who can tell?

Enter one right wing character who calls himself Jeff Gannon. That's not his real name, but OK, call yourself whatever you want.

Then call yourself a journalist. Oh yeah, you went to a right-wing broadcast school run by a Texas Repug hack ... but shoot that doesn't make you any worse than a lot of others out there who call themselves journalists, work for "news" organizations, and didn't have the benefit of your training.

Get yourself a White House Press pass, in the face of the ever-vigilent Secret Service, using your false name, your fake news organization, and your fake bio. Uh, oh ... now things are getting serious.

Get close enough to the President to ask the following tough question:

"Thank you. Senate Democratic leaders have painted a very bleak picture of the U.S. economy. Harry Reid was talking about soup lines. And Hillary Clinton was talking about the economy being on the verge of collapse. Yet in the same breath they say that Social Security is rock solid and there's no crisis there. How are you going to work -- you've said you are going to reach out to these people -- how are you going to work with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?

Read about the story here.

And guess who possibly leaked the information to that toothy slimeball Robert Knovac that Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent? (Knovac has one false thing going for him that Gannon doesn't -- his teeth). Outing a CIA agent is a crime in this world, kiddies... people get very dead for doing that sort of thing.

And there you have the Republican press corps.

Oh, yes ... one more thing. Run some web sites for gay military men and women to get them ... er ... together. That story is developing.

What in the world will Doc Dobson and Phyliss Shake-a-flyaway say?

You can see a really interesting photo of Jeff Gannon here.


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