Friday, March 18, 2005

It would never happen in Arkansas

Some inbred judge says that cousins can't get married.

Read about it here.

If they did this in Arkansas, what would they do for future chicken-pluckers?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a sad Blog. Why are you so angry?

4:56 PM, March 18, 2005  
Blogger John Stone said...

1. I don't go to prayer meeting?
2. Knuckledrags piss me off?
3. Anonymous posters are cowards ... but that's OK .. I live in Repug country, I understand.
4. I'm only 15 years old?
5. My girlfriend is dating my father?
6. Knapp's bottle of Scotch is empty and I am too cheap to buy another?
7. I dunno' -- you tell me ....

4:36 PM, March 21, 2005  

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