Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Idiot Auctioneer, Billy Long

Billy Long, a local used car salesman, and peddler of anything and everything, and a good Repug, said something that makes my IQ of 64 look like Einstein.

Billy (R-nottoobright) said that AG minister Doug Wead was just a shithead for taping George the Lesser.

Doug Wead is a shithead, noone denys it. Hell, he was a big winner in the pyramid scheme of AMWAY ... but was he a shithead for taping the smirk? No way.

Didn't hear Billy fussing much about Linda (R-I'mapig) Tripp taping her friend Monica Lewenski, did I fat boy?

Bully Long, using the Meyer Sewer radio station, KWTO, to sell heaters for your house that use no more electricity than your coffeepot, is just another slime salesman, trying to sell me on another idea that is not true, I don't want, and nobody needs.


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