Friday, February 18, 2005

Dealing with North Korea

We got a problem.

The problem is a belligerent nation, now most probably armed with nukes. Who may today not threaten Los Angles, but certainly will in the future -- and today threatens Seoul and Tokyo.

The belligencery of the Bush neo-cons will get us nowhere. China will not co-operate, nor will North Korea be intimidated.

So maybe it's time to rip a page out of the Richard Nixon strategy playbook.

I am a fan of women's volleyball. North Korea has a lot of talented players -- so do we.

Offer volleyball diplomacy. Invite some of the big-shots to come over here to play, and have dinner and talk and get to know us, and our big-deals will go over there. It will get huge attention, everybody will be on their best behavior, and it can't smoke a single city.


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