Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sex in the MRI

Tonight we have a bloggers meeting -- read that as an excuse to get out, have a few brews and tell lots of lies ....

Knowing that Andy Klein will be doing a podcast, and he will look at our latest blog entries, I thought I might give him an "X" rated one. But unlike male pronstars of today I refuse to bikini wax my entire body -- ouch. (At my age, and after reflection, I may reconsider that, and get one on my ears and back.)

This is about sex inside an MRI machine.

Yep ... that claustrophobic little space inside the tube. And how the Kibbles and Bits actually fit together. action ... real life ... none of O'Reilly's glass vibrators involved in this .... scientific ... study.

Read about it HERE. I know nobody will be interested ... but there are pictures.


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