Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Billy Long reads Rove memo on air - embarrassed again

Billy Long got up early this morning to memorize the latest "talking points" memo for right-wing radio. Unfortunately, he actually believed it, since he didn't bother doing any checking of his own. Like HERE.

He said that 2000 empty schoolbusses could have been used to evacuate the resistees to evacuation in New Orleans.

I hope Billy runs his auctions with more honesty than Rove writes his memos.

Because New Orleans dosen't have 2000 schoolbusses. The had on August 29th 365 busses, of which 70 were down for maintenance. In addition the RTA (Regional Transit Authority) were running every bus they had, over 500 of them and every single person who wanted to be evacuated -- was.

But it is a lot easier to blame the screw-ups of your cronies by blaming a mayor - black of course, than it is to blame it on your own failed administration.

Incidentally, every terrorist in the world has looked at how totally ineffective our government has been, and wondering how they can exploit the corruption, sickness, and stupidity of the Bush administration.


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