Monday, December 12, 2005

Why Arn't They in Jail?

As first reported on this blog, July 28, 2005, a horror story is going to hit America right between the eyes. And all the spinning by George Bush, Dick-Dick Cheney, the Rhummy, and all the spinning by the crazed right-wing fundies who call Billy Long's radio advertising show, is not going to make the slightest bit of difference after you see the videotapes and photos.

Back in October, a Federal Judge ordered the release of vids and photos that showed American troops committing atrocities equal to those of the SS in 1939, or the Japanese in the city of Nanking. Rape of children in front of of the parents in order to obtain information; summary executions; vile and disgusting stuff. Committed by Americans in uniform.

Naturally, this is something that Bush, et. al, doesn't want you - or anyone else to see. So they appealed the ruling of the Court, if for no other reason than to delay the inevitible.

Now the jig is up. The game is over. And most bizzare of all is the reason they have given to the Appeals Court, is not to block the publication of the material, but instead to give the Administration more time to conceal the identities of the Americans involved.

Let's get this straight. The Bush administration wants to protect the identities of people who have committed crimes for which we ourselves accused Germans and Japanese of doing and hung them by their necks until they were dead.

And what is even worse in their so-called "defense" strategy. These people, who they admit, can be identified from the vids and photos are still out there.They are not accused of any crime against humanity, perhaps still representing you and me in the military of the US. And going scott-free for their crimes.

And the authority for commiting those crimes is now the Attorney General of the US, who is charged with preventing and prosecuting crime.

The time for impeachment, and perhaps trials in the Haigue, is long past.


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