Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Deadeye Dick and VERY Lucky Harry

My pal Doc Baratz sez this: he recognizes there there are a lot of unanswered questions out there. Dick-Dick is not interested in answering them and the crack White House Press Corps is not interested in asking them.

We are left with the fact that the victim appeared in public with wounds on his right side (neck and face).

The drawing by the Texas game warden showed the left in one drawing and the right in the other, suggesting that he never saw the victim in person, or he can't tell right from left, twice, and inconsistently.

If the victim was shot on the right, as his wounds suggest, I can't figure how a pellet could have gotten into his left heart and ultimately the coronary circulation, or, for that matter, to his left chest at all, unless he was nearly facing forward, with his neck turned to the left. Even so, at 30 yards the spread of the shot should not be so tight, as your man has suggested. Thus the question of how far away he was when he was shot.

The business of only telling the local press the next day was specious.
Bush's comments are carefully framed to say nothing.

As a former ER doc the whole thing smells like dead fish.

Someone should put this up on the blogs.

Done Doc ... maybe someone will pay attention.....


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