Friday, March 10, 2006

Gawd is Pissed !!

Pissed !! I say, son, pissed !!

Pissed at Rep. Dixon in Missouri. Pissed at the Kansas Board of Education. Pissed at the Discovery Institute. Pissed at Michael Behe. Pissed at the Pfat Pfool Pfalwell. Really pissed at weasels like Rick Santorum.

Those creeps have been telling Him, in all His Glory of Noodleness what he should be doing. And he ain't too keen on those little people giving Him instructions. He figures He can take care of His business without some blow-dried, collagen-pumped, money-grubing, preacher-wanna'-be telling Him how he should handle the universe.

According to a press release from Gawd this morning: "I am pissed that after all that time I spent having fun creating atoms, quarks, gluons, strings, gravitinos, membranes, multi-verses, corn likker, and black holes, those cretinists tell me that I had some idiot lie down in the dust and I did big time surgery on him and made another one who listens to talking snakes.


"In my image, my ass. Who wants to look like that old pouf Pity-Pat Robertson or Tammy Fey Bakker anyway."

"The only ones who have got it right on this screwed-up speck of dirt they call the center of the universe are the Pastafarians. And all they are doing is getting fat."

"I've had it. Time for another shipment of frogs. Or maybe a nice rain of plague. Maybe a pillar of fire to clean up that waste of a city, San Fransisco.

Anything to get rid of Kent Hovind.


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