Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Magnitude of the Incompetence

Oh. My. Gawd.

I have had a case of the crud and been laid low for a couple of days. I come out of a Benadryl induced haze just long enough this afternoon to hear that there is a Videotape!!! Another videotape!!! It's amazing that George Bush has a 34% popularity rating. Even the goobers in the Ozarks have to toss up their hands at this one and agree with Garrison Keillor, GARRISON KEILLOR!!!!, time has come to impeach the bastards.

Remember when ChuckleNuts got on ABC on Thursday after Katrina and said that no one could have forseen that the New Orleans levy would be breached. That was a flat-out lie. And what did we impeach Clinton for doing, oh, that's right, getting his dick pulled by his girlfriend. There are 1,200 KNOWN!! dead in New Orleans.

Oh, the Chimp knew all right. He was warned in terms that left no doubt of the impending disaster no less that 19 hours before it happened. And what did he do. He sat there like a turtle in the sun and did not do a single thing ... no order to the military to gear up every 6 x 6 in the southeast to load up whatever water, MRE's, cots, tents, medical facilities, rescue craft and get their ass headed toward New Orleans. And 1,200 people died. If they had to go buy it out of a Walmart warehouse --- do it!!! Just for gawd's sake do something.

While 1,200 people were drowning, Georgie was in San Diego, partying with some political pals and air-strumming a guitar.

I ask you right wing whack-jobs out there - what has this White house not lied to us about?

Iraq has WMDs?

We are gonna' get him, dead or alive?

This Rx drug plan is a great deal for seniors?

The war will only cost $1.7 billion?

Rhummy on looting of Iraq Nation Treasures: "Stuff happens"

Mission Accomplished

We got'em on the run.

Rhummy on how he protected sons and daughters: "You don't go to war with the Army you want. You go with the Army you have."

1,200 dead in New Orleans.

2,350 dead in Iraq.

300 dead in Afganistan.

"You're doing a fine job there Brownie"

You have asked enough questions I gotta' go play my gameboy now.


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