Saturday, May 20, 2006

Finally ...

Well, I am back in business. Except I don't have much idea of what's going on. The satellite won't be installed until tomorrow, radio news is so sucky I can't describe it, and at 56 K who wants to do anything on the net other than keep the SPAM level down in the mailbox.

There was a bloggers meeting on Tuesday, with new guest Tony Massanger the new editorial page editor. Bright guy, let's hope that his writing is as lively. All the rest of the expected gang was there and Andy at Rhetorica has a podcast up.

General Hayden tapped danced his way through the hearings. Someone has finally tipped him off that you actually need a warrant to spy on Americans. I will feel soooooo comfortable with him at the head of the CIA .... maybe not as comfortable as having John Poindexter in the job - but close.

City Council - ever vigilant to the whines of the fundies and bluenoses around town, have promised to find out where dem' damn kids are having fun --- and stamp it out. Hint, for about the 20th time they are going to fuck up downtown, don't buy a loft there. Maybe they should go back to the idea of an awning that covers the entire downtown area. And if it's not the chilluns, it's the dogs. Council must be embarrassed to look so much like a pit bull that it wants to ban them. All good citizen/dawgs have lifted a leg in their honor.

Chuckles Wooten is on hate radio in the morning and I can't find my mic to record him .... comm'on Granny or Ben, gim'me some help.

Took a few photos at the bloggers meeting. Here is one of the CHATTERismist-guy and his date hiding her face in embarrassment and shame, why I don't know, she is so much better looking. (I always thought he was older and uglier than that.... it must be the new camera.)


Blogger Duane Keys said...

No broadband?! I felt that pain for a while. Had to get the satellite internet!

I hate that I missed another meeting!

7:30 AM, May 20, 2006  

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