Sunday, May 14, 2006

Screw Civility

Sometines my critics complain that I am being uncivil to those I detest. People like Chuckles Wooten, or the pResident, or Billy'sBoyToyRoy.

Screw 'em

"Why arn't you just one of those litle pinko, fussy-headed liberals that will let all us right-wingers kick you and then ask us for more", they say. Why arn't you more like Biden or Lieberman?

Well I am the kind of liberal I hope they hate as much as I hate them for trying to destroy all that is good and progressive about our country. I am mean as a snake, I have a loud mouth, and I have a blog and I am not afraid to use it. I love nothing more than a good street brawl, so I saw to those who are terified of their own actions, in the words of their own hero: "Bring it on"

And, I am mad as hell.

But even I don't say it as forcefully or as well as this. Read the whole thing here.

What does all this mean? Treviño brings home a paycheck for helping to create conditions in which education is increasingly denied to the poor — a group whose ranks are swelling as “free-market” policies spread. He helps to make sure prescription drugs remain unaffordable to the aged or infirm. He works to make sure that people living near polluting industries stand a good chance of getting cancer, to facilitate the northward spread of tropical diseases. Look at Pacific Research’s climate policy: see the Ninth Ward of New Orleans, except far more widespread.

Treviño’s paycheck, in other words, comes with a body count. True, he doesn’t get his hands dirty. He does his work in a comfortable office, which is, in fact, just around the corner from mine. But he works to help kill people nonetheless.

"... it is not civil to discuss things quietly and collegially while people are dying because they can’t afford medicine. It is not civil to speak in even, chuckling sardonicism as one beleaguered wild place after another is paved for profit. It is not civil to calmly raise logical arguments against torture, against kidnapping, against using nuclear weapons on civilians to show our resolve."


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