Thursday, May 11, 2006

Some people would call this a "healing crystal". I would call it a pretty rock.

A quote from this site: One can focus their desires through this stone, visual images in the mind are transformed into universal messages. Sean at God is for Suckers! takes a look at really truly authentic absolute proof of aliens: Greetings! I travelled a thousand light-years to peer up your ass!.

Mysterious vibrations, warmth, and cool all in the rocks you carry in your pocket (females are outta' luck, they ain't got no rocks to carry).

Jingle 'em while you walk, fondle 'em while ya' talk. Good life, good health and here's to balancing your Yin and Yang.

May the Great Fung Sui Sauce be with you always.

And always remember the Flying Spaghetti Monster can always use donations.


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