Friday, April 28, 2006

How Pfat Can a Repugly Get??

As fat as the Pfat Pfool Pfalwell? As Pfat as KKKarl? As pfat as Roy'sBoyToyBilly?

At least as pfat as Dennis Hastert (R-whathappenedtomy neck)...

AP - Thu Apr 27, 4:20 PM ET

House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Ill., center, gets out of a Hydrogen Alternative Fueled automobile, left ... after giving a speech about gas prices ... nice touch of the common man...

And then he blows the whole photo op as he prepares to board his SUV, which guzzles gasoline...

It looks to me like this walk really got the old fat bastard wheezing ....

Good thing he has plenty of room in the SUV.

Way to go Dennis!
You and that Jericho/Bethlehem/JerusalamandJesus!!!!/Hitler Zombie guy have made my day.


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