Monday, April 24, 2006

Why Radio Shack Still Sucks

Back in December I bought a TV for my mother. I had a $30 rebate from Radio Shack.

So I filled out all their stupid paperwork and figured that I would let them use my money for a little while. But I didn't give them permission to use my money indefinitely.

To date I have not recieved my refund ... after four months ....

Oh, yes ... they did send me an email message, which I reproduce here ...

Unfortunately ... they didn't mean it.

The Missouri Attorney General is very interested in business that advertise rebates and just keep the money. He likes to call it fraud. I like to call it fraud too.


Your rebate has been processed! JOHN STONE: Your rebate submission for $30 MIR Akai 13 TV/DVD Combo from RadioShack has been processed. Your rebate will be mailed shortly. Please allow 2 weeks for receipt. If you have any questions about your rebate, you may e-mail us at: Your Tracking ID is: GxxC-0796-2xx thank you for choosing RadioShack. This email was auto-generated; please see instructions above for contact information.This email has been sent in response to your rebate submission request. You have not been placed on an email list.

Bullshit .... from a bullshit company ....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Want my own first (and last) RadioShack story?

I've been an electronics nut most of my life. Unless it's an emergency, I will NEVER set foot in their stores again.

About a year ago, I bought a cell phone from an RS store I was familiar with. It stopped working about a week later. Every time you flipped it open, it would display a scrambled screen or wouldn't turn on at all. It did this about every 5 times, enough to be aggravating. Well, I thought, no big deal! I'll just take it back. Before I went, I phoned the store ahead of time and told them I was comming.

I went back to the store and was met by the assistant manager. He was a nice guy. I showed him what the phone was doing, and he agreed that yes, something was wrong with the phone. It all looked pretty routine, until the head manager appeared over my shoulder.

"Is this the guy who called?" He said this with a visible tone as if I had called up to tell him I had just raped his sister. The assistant manager suddenly dissappeared. "Loyd", "Floyd", or whatever his name was, then snatched the phone from my hands, flipped it open, punched a couple buttons, then said with a gleeful smile, "There's nothing wrong with this phone." He then handed the phone back. I closed it, then flipped it open. Scrambled screen. I held it up to him.

"What do you call that?"

Loyd snatches the phone back, punches a couple buttons, then shows me the screen.

"See. There's nothing wrong with it. You have your power settings wrong." He says.

"Loyd. The power settings control when the phone shuts off, not when it turns on."

This very tense and barely polite verbal ballet went on for nearly ten minutes. The whole time this fucktard is trying to convince me I'm an idiot, the whole exchange is taking place in front of a giant poster of the CEO himself, hanging on the wall, with the sentence in big letters stating, "We at RadioShack are absolutely devoted to customer service..." or some shit like that.

Here's something to consider: I have chronic trouble with my knees. I sometimes have to walk with a cane, as I was that day, and standing in one place for any length of time can be excruciating. This was not lost on the assistant manager. He finally grew some balls and stepped back out of the shadows and produced a chair for me to sit in. Good ole' Loyd never batted an eye. He didn't give a shit.

I finally won the battle. I wasn't going to be treated like this and leave. No way. I wasn't going to get up out of that chair till I left with a replacement. The tone of the conversation was now turning personal, and other customers were begining to notice and listen in. I was creating a spectical. I was holding up business. I often wonder if the assistant manager caught any shit for getting me that chair.

Loyd left in a huff, absolutely devistated he was actually going to have to replace the fucking phone, which clearly didn't work, after all.

Here's another thing to consider: I have been a customer at that one particular RadioShack, on and off, for thirty years. And this was the ONE TIME I ever purchased a defective product and attempted to return it.

I have never been treated at any retail establishment like that in the 45 years I have been wandering around this planet.


5:07 PM, November 23, 2006  
Blogger John Stone said...

Glad you stuck it out and finally got satisfaction. Most outfits depend on people just giving up ...

I finally got my refund, about 6 months late, and after a letter to the attorney general.

Haven't been back since ...

3:05 AM, November 24, 2006  

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