Thursday, April 20, 2006

Time for a real Snow job

Since Simple Scotty has outlived his usefullness to the Bush Crime Family, he is getting the doorknob in the ass treatment. The stonewalling, new-speak, and dissemilationism has come to an end ... for a day or so.

So why not get a professional liar to take his place? Someone with training in lying? How about Tony Snow, who has a long history of lies, new-Cheney-speak, and dissemination of propaganda? Shoot, why not take the "hang-out" route and let the drug addled brain of Rush hisself do it? (Incidentally, is gawd still pissed at the Pigman, and still taking away that part of his brain that is involved in hearing stuff?)

My prediction is the only reporter worth the job at the White House, Helen Thomas, will give him five minutes into his first news-lie-fest to jump his butt.

And where -- oh, where -- was Jeff (R-MeLoveYouLongtimeMarineStud) Gannon in the Rose Garden today? Was he preparing the massage room in the WH gym to sooth some of Simple Scotty's tensions?


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