Friday, April 14, 2006

Ann's da' Man

It has long been rumored that the wicked-mouth of the South Ann Coulter (R-taking the placeof doc Meng), national scourge and scold, author of several books of right-wing fiction, is actually a man. (Check the Adam's apple)

Born as Andrew Coltrane, son of a pig farmer in Georgia, he went to Denmark as a teen to have the surgery, which as David Horowitz can testify, was only partially sucessful. Leaving the family farm for the bright lights of the city, he/she went into the usual male teenage testosterone thingy and became a Repugly. The rumor is he/she did not want to go back to the family business for fear that he/she would be mistaken for one of the livestock.

Now comes this report from PageOne News.

Conservative commentator and best-selling author Ann Coulter neglected to answer Question #15 on her Palm Beach County, FL voter registration form, PageOneQ has learned. The question asks the registrant to indicate sex by checking 'M' or 'F' on the form.

"I object," said a transgender activist who spoke with PageOneQ today, "To the state of Florida expecting its citizens to answer questions which are not relevant for voter registration." When asked about Coulter's voter registration form, the activist declined to speak specifically about Coulter. "Generally speaking, I hope there is a day when transgendered people can be open about who they are without fear of retribution from employers, colleagues and neighbors. With that in mind, I hope anyone with a high media profile would use that opportunity to be honest with the American people."

What is the best way for Ann-the-Manly-Man to handle this? A fine website for him/her to visit is MyHusbandBetty.

David Horowitz says that his life is so screwed up that he doesn't care much about her plumbing, he still likes to crawl into her brain through her nose and squirm around a little bit until he discovers that there is nothing good to eat there.


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