Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Dick-Dick Cheney

Yesterday was a bad day to get out of the secret, undisclosed location.

First, he gets roundly booed at the opening game for the Washington Nationals. Since he was on the field with a couple of wounded Iraq Vets, his office claimed that he was just taking the heat rather than the crowd booing them.

Then he delivered a pitch around about three inches of bulletproof vest, that could have been done better by any 8 year-old girl with a sugar high - low and away -just like his life. The wounded soldiers from Iraq wished they could have had that vest ....

And now the bloggers, who have come up with the information that he is a serial shooter. Harry was not the first one to get in the way of the veep-of-the-walking-dead's gun. Watch here for details as they become available.

In Springfield Monday, I was going to carry a sign outside the hotel where he was. But I couldn't borrow an orange vest.


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