Monday, April 10, 2006

Gross-Out Time

Since I worked in a hospital lab as a youth, very little can gross me out. At least not just from the description -- but these two cases come close. Read about them in today's Respectful Insolence.

The first inviolves a woman "caching" a pistol into the jail, survivng even a thorough pat-down by the matron.

Use your imagination.

The second involves some weed eater line and a guy with WAY too much time in his hands .... it's a little further down Orac's blog.

The pathologists at the hospital where I worked kept quite a collection of foreign objects recovered from ... er ... ahem ... various parts of the body. My favorite was an intact 100 watt light bulb - GE as I recall -a testament to a surgeon's skill if there ever was one.

I might suggest to Billy Long that now I have a way for him to "light up his life", so to speak.

How's this one for a post, CHATTERismisterist-guy? Think Anon will object?


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