Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sleep Safe Springfield

It's 1:50 AM on a Sunday morning. I have just watched no fewer than eight different Springfield Police cars pass by my house near the downtown area.

Let's call the downtown area 0.25 square miles. I guess that this is about 1/4th of the total number of cars to protect a city of 30 square miles. The other 29.75 square mile can go suck soda water if they need a cop.

But ... HEY! ... there are a lot of cuties in short skirts downtown on Saturday night. A cop just has to have some fun sometime doesn't he? It's almost as much fun as hassling the college kids.

Just to make things complete there is a County Sheriff's car roaming around looking for someone who has had a beer. Too bad they had to pull one out of a patrol in a little county town 20 miles away.

There ..... don't you feel safer now?

I am sure the crooks do.


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