Friday, April 07, 2006

The Bush-baby and the Plame Case

First, I take my hat off to Henry Taylor, who stood up and asked Bush yesterday if he wern't ashamed of what he has done. I will have a clip up, but the great thing is to watch the Chimp's body language on video. "KKKarl - how did this guy get into my tame audience. Find some dirt on him, quick, he made me look like a fool!"

Now, here is my question for the Smirk.

Mr. President. Since you claim that the release of Valerie Plame's name was legal, why did you go to so much trouble for two years to cover up the facts in the case? And then try to let Scoot-Scoot take the fall for you?

The above photo shows Harry Taylor giving hell to the pResident. Next to him is the Norman Rockwell painting "Truth to Power" Amazing how similar they are.


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