Sunday, April 02, 2006

Really stupid radio shows ...

After a week's respite it only took Chuckles-Chuckie Wooten (R- FormerLetterShredder) three (3) minutes to say something really stupid on nuts-radio station KWTO. This is even a record for him.

Listen to it HERE.

That damn reporter, who falsly claims to be a Xtian, is out trying to get a story. If only she had followed the rules and stayed in bumfrick Missouri where she belonged, gotten a tattoo or six, worn a bonnet, and gone to hear some country music shows in Branson, she wouldn't been in fear of her life.

When it comes to dense, Chuckie is Osmium.

But it may not have been the best.

Another caller was complaining about teachers that go to teacher conferences at the Lake of the Ozarks just so they can get drunk ... and supposedly carouse ... as if
Debra LaFave would be the keynote speaker. Listen to this genius HERE.

Another week. And another Chucky-dumb-as-a-brick.


Blogger Dev said...

There are some really great Branson shows to see!

12:09 PM, January 20, 2009  

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