Friday, March 31, 2006

A Fine Slate of Candidates

The 7th District of Missouri Congressthief (above), Billy'BoyToyRoy (R-KStreetBuddy), who has never been known to turn down money, or Jack Abramoff's free steaks, seems to win no matter what. Maybe the reason is the quality of his opponents.

This year he will be opposed by a transgendered person, who can never pass a Victoria's Secret or Bass Pro Shops without stopping, and a star of the movie "Phone Sex Grandma."

Here's a graf from Randy Turner ,who writes the
Turner Report. (Incidentally, you can hear a fine interview with Randy on this week's Street Talk, in the sidebar.)

A "Phone Sex Grandma" and the "Son of a Stripper" filed today to run for two U. S. House seats.Opal Dockery, Lamar, star (and only cast member) of the nine-minute movie, "Phone Sex Grandma," has filed on the Democratic ticket to oppose incumbent Rep. Sam Graves in the Fourth District, while her son, Jack Truman (formerly Jack Kerney, but if you're from Lamar Truman has to sound attractive), director of "Phone Sex Grandma" and star and director of the upcoming film "Son of a Stripper," filed today on the Democratic ticket to make his second effort to unseat incumbent Seventh District Congressman Roy Blunt."Phone Sex Grandma" was featured recently at the Slamdance Film Festival in Los Angeles. According to the festival website, it was produced by Truman and Ms. Dockery, written by Ms. Dockery, edited by Truman, scored by Truman (to prevent any misunderstandings, that means he wrote the music) and stars Ms. Dockery. The film's description says it is about a "60-something grandma working a phone sex line in a small Southern ghost town."

At least the Libs are running someone sane ... .naw ... I didn't really say that.

Did I?


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